PAPA 20 results online? (PAPA Scoring Software Feedback)


Thanks for the reply, @haugstrup. I heard back from @ASG (thanks Aiton!) and I’ll continue to pick up with him over PM.


One follow-up question for the group. I’m nearly finished up with my data analysis from PAPA, and the only pieces I’m missing are the winners and brackets from the Juniors divisions (I, II, and III). At a minimum, it would be great to at least get the winners so I can share an initial version, and I can always add in the bracket results at a later point. Does anyone know who won each of the days at Juniors?


Juniors top 8 is posted on IFPA


Awesome, thank you! I should have thought to look at IFPA.

I finally published version 1.0 of the scoring analysis for anyone interested: PAPA 20 - Scoring Analysis App


IPC was my first time using this as a Score keeper. Generally, things went well, but a couple pieces of feedback on the webapp as a scorekeeper.

  • Fonts need to be bigger. Especially on the confirmation screen. Many of the players had no hope reading it on my screen even zoomed in.
  • Yellow is a really bad choice for color. There was a really important yellow button I could not really read.
  • the name of next player on machine should have been much more obvious. I got use to it, but first time through I was like, whaa?
  • tournament ran without photos and it made some of the UI a little strange.

Still, it was a good experience and it seemed to work well for IPC. Thanks.