PAPA 20 results online? (PAPA Scoring Software Feedback)


Hot off the presses, here are the instructions for getting your info removed from Stripe’s servers : email, and in the email tell them that you used the “remember my credit card info” while making purchases in a web application and that you want the information removed. Include the email address you used while purchasing tickets and the phone number you provided (as part of the “remember my info” process). Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.


You might also consider implementing this in-app:

Directing your users to your vendor’s support contact for this kind of thing on an ongoing basis is generally considered a faux pas.


I started looking at that after Adam’s post. As far as I can tell, in order to delete a customer (which is what that FAQ question suggests) you need to create the customer before the purchase happens. It’s not clear how that would fit into the current process I’m following. I’ll add this to the list of things to investigate - although if you (or anyone else) is interested in putting some investigative work, I would gladly accept it!

Normally, I would agree. But keep in mind : this software is done in my spare time as a donation to the community. If it comes down to avoiding a faux pas or getting finals score recording working, I’m gonna pick the second one. <subtle hint>Of course, if I had some help on the programming side…</subtle hint>


Sure – do you have a published repo or set of guidelines on how to contribute?

I’m always happy (excited even) to help folks out on open source / community projects. Even if it occasionally means I open the start of a PR, get distracted by life, and fail to finish up said open PR. (Sorry @haugstrup)


For the ticket pricing, yeah, just highlight the multiples of 3. But I didn’t use the purchase page very much (I bought most of my entries on scorekeeping credit, which requires a human) so someone who did should talk about it.


@ASG … Any idea what’s going on with the results for IFPA? We saw this after LAX as well, but it looks like players are being added to the Classics standings that shouldn’t be:

159 players were submitted but the live standings that are still viewable on the app only show 119 for K1.

I’m also assuming that players that didnt play 100% of the games needed for a full qualifying ticket weren’t removed?

Is that something you can generate and send to me?


@pinwizj In the app, it only shows the top 120 players, not everyone who competed.


When you make a charge, Stripe will automatically create a customer object. If you’re not storing the customer IDs on your end you likely have a customer object for each charge. I bet you’ll see them all if you login to the Stripe dashboard. I haven’t ever tried, but I would imagine you can also delete customer objects from the dashboard manually.

I was going to say! :wink:


YAY! I’m spending this week writing a “how to jump into the code” document, and automating the 30+ steps required to get everything setup/configured after you checkout the repo. I’ll be posting here on TiltForums once the two tasks are done.


Yes - the division results cutoff at 120 - if there is concern about the results that were submitted, I can change that (for now) on the live version. I’ll let you know when that is done.

If you tell me what the “100%” equals (i.e. how many games were needed), I can get you that info - but the earliest I can get it to you is next weekend ( work is gonna be insane-o balls this week).


I thought the same thing - but if customers are being created when you click the “remember me” option, I don’t have access to them. I tried getting a list of customers via the API and the web dashboard - in both cases, the list was empty.


For A division it means players had to have recorded scores on at least 6 different machines, representing a ‘full card’.

For Classics 4 different machines had to be played with scores recorded.


It needs to be cleaned up, but it is not massively off (since you only need 2 games in classics to count). By no intended as correct, but it looks like
Classics 1 Remove: Nick Zendejas, Tom Knorst, Tim Juchcinski, Dan Woodske
Classics 2 Remove: Brian Uplinger, Germain Mariolle, Tom Knorst
Classics 3 remove: Nathan Eppley, Gregory Kennedy, Robert Hooton
A division remove: Aleksander Kaczmarczyk

Methodology: checked player results by searching for player from bottom up. Stopped when i hit someone with 100 total since higher needs 2 games. For A i checked by clicking through the standings until someone has 200. Feel free to check my work, or ignore me and wait for access to the raw data.


At over 100 players participating the percentage goes up to 100% instead of 50%.

Aiton sent me the list so I’ll get it corrected this week.


Oh right, i forgot about the progression as player count grows. Needing 100% is way too much to check by hand :slight_smile:


I volunteer FLR :wink:


I’m late to the party (I told you guys to give me a week) but I’ll address this one.

Aiton and I spent some time redesigning and extending the network at PAPA so that it now reaches the farthest corners of the building. YAY! This was a key issue that’s come up in the past, with scorekeepers down where D division was hardly able to get a signal at all.

So, we improved and expanded the physical reach of the network. And then we rate limited the hell out of the public SSID. This was intentionally so that we could dedicate the bandwidth to the private SSID for scorekeepers, and also because it offends me when people watch Netlix on their phones while at PAPA. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, JOSH.

We did realize sometime on Saturday afternoon that we’d only allocated 150 IP addresses to the public side, and that the DHCP wasn’t releasing for 24 hours, so whoops! We fixed that just in time to sell the building.

ErinK brought up international players, and we did think about them. That’s why we built the little queuing stations at the front of each division. The computers in the cafeteria allowed you to look at the results and standings. And, you know, the wifi wasn’t off - which is literally a thing I’ve had to do in the past - it just wasn’t as zippy as anyone would like.


Downloaded in advance so I could watch offline . . . BOOM! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been playing with some data analysis of the qualifying scores from PAPA, but when I went to over the weekend I get a “Can not perform action requested. The server is unreachable.” I am guessing here, but I think that there’s an invalid SSH certificate causing the problem. I dropped a note to @ASG over the weekend but haven’t heard back yet, so I’m wondering if anyone else has insight as to what may be happening on the site?

Also, a random question about the results. Were there finals for the Juniors on any of the days, and are the bracket results known? All the other divisions had results posted.

Thanks in advance!

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@coreyhulse Yep, the SSL certificate expired three days ago. It’s a Lets Encrypt certificate which needs to be renewed every 90 days. The certificate for the main site has been renewed, but it looks like their backend service runs on a different server/service and that certificate has not been renewed.