PAPA 20 Lodging Pro Tip: Extended Stay in Carnegie now 20% off

Closest hotel to PAPA Headquarters in Carnegie will give you a 20% deal if you sign up for their “Perks” program (email list, data mining, blah blah)
Can use it for UP TO a 6 night stay. I did the 2 bed room for Thursday-Monday and it seems like a good deal.
Not to mention these rooms were $110 or more last year a couple weeks before PAPA, so i would book now!
Free cancellation
They dont charge your credit card until check in. Good stuff!


I usually stay at the Red Roof PLUS+ Pittsburgh South - Airport, came to $82/night all included last year. It’s decent enough :slight_smile:


I don’t care what anyone says. I’m still a proponent of Knight’s Inn Bridgeville :slight_smile:

Knights was low end but tolerable, although I don’t plan to go back to it. Just did it once.

For what its worth, my rate at the extended stay was $68 with no promos for papa 19.
That was picking the hotel directly off of priceline, no bidding. Always worth checking to see if there is a deal there.


I like this deal for a few reasons
~Closest hotel (~5-10 minutes closer than Moonbeam, but after a long day it might help!)
~2 beds, so I can get a friend to pay half the room if I so choose
~My first PAPA in 2015 I stayed at the Motel 6 in Cafton. $47 a night didn’t even get you clean sheets, or a clean floor :angry:NEVER FORGET

My roommate at the time claims he was approached by prostitutes when he got up in the morning for coffee there.

I stayed there one night after Replay- never again. I’d rather drive the 15-20 minutes every morning and stay at a better quality place. I like how when i booked it they said it included breakfast - who knew breakfast consisted of only granola bars. Although that gave me the excuse to go to Bobs Diner down the street- It was near perfect greasy spoon breakfast.

The morning part seems odd, but hey ya gotta make money. I deff saw prostitutes and what seemed to be drug deals goin on at the Motel 6 late on friday and saturday

I dont stay at hotels for their version of breakfast. Too many times ive eaten stale foor or “free” granola bars!

Im glad it got you to Bob’s diner though. I always see pinball folk there it seems. Good classic diner food, cheap and delicious.

Bob’s diner is good, though if you get the eggs benedict I recommend swapping out their ‘spam’ for bacon.