PAPA 20 games




I think GOT (non-LE) was in A last year, wasn’t it? I’d be surprised to see it again so soon.


I’m calling it for B bank because you already got the fun game in A. I’m prepared to play Castle Collect/Bonus X All Day near the end of qualifying if it is. :sleepy:


Oh, you are right. For some reason I thought it was in A finals, not A qualifying. Just about zero chance they would repeat a game even if it is a different flavor. B or C should get GOT LE.


Close. B got a premium. Haha


PGH insider info…I call shenanigans


Qualifying, yes, but it pulled out of A finals IIRC. Likely due to the now-fixed HOTK bugs.


I believe I have a good handle on how they decide things. I sometimes cast for them and have wheeled games around the facility on multiple occasions, but I don’t have access to the inner sanctum where the PAPA staff stands in a ritualistic circle and decides games.

Then again, maybe I am being rewarded by praising Target Pool, the Patron deity of PAPA.

There is no god. Only Target Pool.


Nope. Pulled out of finals because we pull all games out of finals and use a new set for finals.


It was pulled out of qualifying due to nudge locks IIRC


haha yeah, the old nudge the balls off the switches while you drain so the game loses track.


flash flippers on btdk like the last time the game was in the a-bank?


Bdk, billion hurry-up or bust… LOL


except at PAPA 12 (Corvette), but that wasn’t the ReplayFX Foundation yet


I don’t think anyone’s mentioned that PAPA team is doing a good job adjusting to last couple years’ long Classics lines and high demand for classic tourneys by increasing each Classics tourney bank by 33% (increased from 12 pins up to 16 pins). Well done @PAPA_Doug, @chesh, @mhs and crew.


There was hope for “A” til the end. Stern’s unite.


A is trying hard to become a good bank. I’m starting to dig it.


Thanks, @Snailman . We do listen to feedback, and I hope you like the other changes we have in store.


Gonna be sweeeet! Can’t wait! PAPA PAPA PAPA!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Holy F, holy F, holy F…:innocent: