PAPA 20 games


They could go in the opposite direction.



We’ll show those GOBs!


Do you have one of those we can borrow?


Look at the pecs on that pizza boy!


If Roger Sharpe had to play High Hand does that mean pinball would still be banned and we wouldn’t be having this discussion?


Roger always collects his bonus.



“But I will choose to continue rather than collect”…:grin:



Lots of great ideas in this thread. Thanks for all the suggestions! :slight_smile:


Dang it Doug, I may just have to make the trip to Papa to play in “A” Classics. Keep the good games a coming.


I think at this point, lets just throw out the baby with the bathwater and start filling Classics with DMD’s :grin:


Just wait till the finals bank is revealed, should be real fireworks then.


Seems kind of silly to have 3 classics tournaments and then fill A with…a minimum of 5/12 (and I’m guessing it will be at least 6/12) classics games anyway (and one game that in its factory state largely doesn’t reward skillful play, but what do I know, I guess. Much like election night I will cope by rocking back and forth in the corner of my room while petting the cat and telling myself this isn’t real. :wink: Looking forward to the madness somehow anyway.


The reasoning seems to be:

“Players want a more “Pinburgh” like experience”

Realistically looking at the list of games I really don’t think it’s going to change dramatically who ends up qualifying in the top 24.

That being said I think I’m one more SS/EM in A division away from saying “I’m Out” and just canceling my trip, driving down gives me that flexibility. But if the masses are telling the PAPA crew that this is what they want, our only option at that point is to offer a differing opinion and spend our tournament dollars at other events that align better with our ideals of what makes good/fun competition.


Players / spectators like myself are bored on seeing the same games used over and over at all events. I’m glad PAPA is switching it up as a true champion should be able to play all era’s and makes of machines. Looking towards the live stream coverage.


…and which division did you play in again last year? :wink:

I mean, absolutely nothing wrong with that but you’re not exactly disproving my point here :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if PAPA TV viewers losing interest is a motivation for the change I’m sure @timballs has a billion ideas about what could be done to fix that first.


B for the past few years. “A” this year.


So the bit for A division is all the games feature a right side saucer. So we’re still going to add Flash, Scorpion, WCS, and Argosy to complete the bank.


and South Park