PAPA 20 games


There are different skill shot trees added which do increase scoring. It’s also easier to progress through the modes and light the modes. Video mode is also worth much more.


It seems like the bonus hold award has been awarded way less frequently in the newer code too.


The obvious solution for it being in the A bank: lightning flippers.


The jackpots themselves aren’t any higher - but it’s still worth more because it’ll last longer cause of the freebie add-a-ball at the scoop, as opposed to having to earn that from the captive ball.

Gameplay differences aside (the most egregious of which can be disabled), 1.05 was considered to be more stable than 1.12, hence its use in INDISC (1.13 was released days later).


Anyone else excited to see some high level play on… Little Chief? :astonished:


My thoughts exactly! :laughing:


Trying to be optimistic, there are still 6 games left to reveal, pump and dumb at least little chief won’t ruin your card.


I’d play Little Chief over GhostBusters any day in a Pump in Dump at Papa A bank. Keep the good games coming.


Little Chief cost me 1st place at NW a few years back … payback time!


These game picks



Little Chief at Pinball expo won me some $'s. Might just have to pucker up and play “A” with the big boys if the games continue to be sweet.


Not until we accounce Baywatch and Sharkey’s.


Bring on Sharkey’s


The mixing it up this year should make for some interesting viewing in between entries.


OK, you can start announcing the REAL games now…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This year in A Division, Orbitor 1!


3 or 5 ball? Or 5 ball with 3 ball rule card?


Bring on the Waterworld! :wink:


Na, that’s way to modern!

Class of 1982!


Predictions for next 4 games:

F-14 Tomcat
Eight Ball

Actually, you know what, fuck it, might as well go all the way:

Old Chicago
Hokus Pokus