PAPA 20 games


F*ck you Doug . . . all your future picks I’m sure are terrible, even if you haven’t actually made them yet, don’t worry whatever idea you’re about to have is also terrible :slight_smile:


Snap, Crackle, Pop, Bumpers to maximum, captain …

Say, can we hybridize the sounds … combine Ready, Aim, Fire and Dragon?

I’m sure Doug can also find a way to use Powerballs in all 12 games.


pffffffffft Powerballs.

Glo-balls, lights out, with a black light! A level competition at it’s finest!


at least Austin Powers is not in the A bank :slight_smile:




Oops sorry, I meant the left orbit shot. Although I don’t know if that addresses the strategy you were talking about.


they had the custom ROM at INDISC 2 years ago, make for a much more interesting tournament game that way.


It’s gonna be like WCS, Austin Powers in EVERY BANK!


Jackbot Jackbot Jackbot!


Yes please!


You all need the harder / shorter playing games in “A”


Starship Troopers is not a game I would consider harder or shorter playing.


Is that the Barracora with no gates up top?


This guy…announcing Classics 3 before announcing anything in B? Rabble, rabble, rabble…

Nah, everything looks good so far! Can’t wait to see some Starship Troopers get blown up.


You could make a coherent argument that B/W is a separate company from both the pre-merger companies.


Ghostbusters Pro added to A bank.

Interested to see opinions on using the pro vs using the Premium/LE. I think the average scores will be much higher than they were for INDISC. It should be fun to see how many people can get 6x multiplier PKE Frenzy or Stay Puft stacks going.


Also INDISC was using code v1.05 Stern is currently on code v1.13 which increases some scoring especially in multiball


True, but in a best game format, I don’t imagine that going for storage facility will be an effective strategy. In my experience, the pro is much easier than the premium/LE. With the best players in the world going at it, I can’t imagine any game that doesn’t at least get to the end of a mode tree to be worth many points on your ticket. I think SFMB is a better target on the Premium/LE


Not even sure how you’d even avoid SFMB. It’s just going to be a part of any good game. It’s still pinball after all.

Plus you can use that time to light your pf multipliers & add-a-balls.


I didn’t mean avoid it; you’re totally correct that using it to light your playfield multipliers is an excellent strategy. Is the scoring on it from 1.13 significantly higher than before?