PAPA 20 Extracurriculars - Who's Doing What, When?


With everyone shuffling into town and ready to celebrate one of pinball’s largest parties, I am curious as to what everyone is doing while they’re in town. Seeing the sights? Partying it up? Playing more pinball?

Post what you’re doing, what you did, and if you want people to join you!


Hiding from everybody that wants to do me harm … and winning a major :slight_smile:


Going to Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob on Friday. Enjoy the lines!




Getting lots of rest.


I might hit up Tana on Wed, it is kind of a Pittsburgh tradition for me.


I’ll be accepting my Hobbit pinball from R&L Wednesday afternoon. Yeehaa!!


Is beer allowed at all in the PAPA facility? I assume not around the machines but where people are allowed to eat? I’ve never been before and plan on stopping at a brewery or two before or during the week.


No alcohol inside, but you can tailgate outside.


I really should have asked, what is there to do in Pittsburgh between 6am and 9:30. At least the weather this morning feels like home.


Go to Gab & Eat?