PAPA 20 - Entries, Attempts, and Tickets

This will be my first year at PAPA. I’ve been reading over the PAPA 20 rules and other online posts but I’m still lost on the difference between entries, attempts, and tickets.

From the rules (

"II. Singles Competition...
3. Fees...each entry is sold for an additional fee....
The fees for each entry are:...
Division A - $5 per attempt...
Division B - $4 per attempt..."

"III. Singles: Qualifying Rounds...
1. Purchasing Entries...Up to two entries may be purchased at a time by a player, 
although no more than two entries may be outstanding....
When each attempt has been completed, the player must submit the entry by
pressing the 'COMPLETE/SAVE THIS TICKET' button....
At any point during play or immediately after play has been completed, the player 
may elect to abandon his or her attempt by notifying the scorekeeper. The player 
would then press the 'VOID THIS TICKET' button."

Am I missing something? I’m pretty sure an entry is a single game, right? Is an “attempt” the same thing - a single game? Is there only one entry per ticket? How many games in a “ticket”?

Is a ticket system (with multiple games on a ticket) still being used when it’s not really relevant in this style?

Thanks for helping out this PAPA-newbie.

Sounds like the verbiage is still referring to the old Papa format. It will be one game at a time, and they would never limit you to buying only two of those at a time. Most likley they will allow you to buy as many at a time as you want, with the understanding that any unused entries will not be refunded.

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Ah, thanks for catching this! It is, indeed, a remnant of the previous format. I’ll get it cleaned up this week.


The rules have been updated to fix the verbiage issues you pointed out. Please let me know if you have any other questions or find points where you think we could be clearer.