Optimal tournament settings for Elektra?

Here in Oslo we are having our annual XMAS matchpay tournament weekend next week, and a new game we havent used in tournament before is the classic Elektra.

It seems to be quite long playing based on some initial testing, is there any recommended approaches and settings (both software and physical) for making this a good tournament game?

Morten Søbyskogen

I would increase the games steepness a bit and tighten the tilt a lot. Also, consider removing the rubber from the center post or, remove the center post completely and place a piece of mylar over the hole. Ball times will plumet!

The software for the game is very complex. One thing I would do is make the lower playfield’s “sudden death” extension save not be active and make it end INSTANTLY, when the earned Elektra units expire.

I wrote a guide to the game’s rules… I’m looking for the link… https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/elektra-owners-club-fans-also-welcome#post-1165594

If you REALLY want to mess people up and make the game impossible, put Williams flipper bats on it!

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I believe the following is the spinner rule (at least on the settings I’ve played)

Making the sauce on the right side of the main playfield lights one spinner. The lit spinner alternates based on certain switches (don’t recall which). Hitting the saucer again lights the second spinner.

Vintage picture demonstrating the proper tournament setup of Elektra:


I’d test the game out after making sequential changes, so you toughen it just enough but not too much. Do the sudden death removal first; it’s too easy to keep the ball alive “downstairs.” Do the center post removal second; don’t mess with just taking off the rubber. You’ll probably need both of those to get where you want to be; with any luck, they’ll be enough. Save the tilt tightening and steepness for last resorts. I’m fairly sure you won’t need to go to different flippers.


Personally, after having used Elektra in TPF Classics one year, I would look elsewhere for a different pin, if at all possible.

If you must use it… Setting up lower playfield to immediately end when timer ends is a must.
You can also increase the amount of Electra units required to be eligible for lower playfield play after each ball. I recommend this.