Operators Ball Saver Yes or No?


From context clues, I’m fairly certain he’s talking about Bobby Conover in Seattle, who has tip-top machines at multiple locations of Full Tilt Ice Cream, as well as more traditional bars and arcades.


Nothing but pins in an Ice Cream shop seems like wasted potential to me.


I was at the belgian open, and played that exact Barracorra. Metallik is right on - had no problem manipulating the kickout.


He doesn’t just have pins…


There’s a speakeasy downstairs with slot machines, poker tables and a roulette wheel. Password is Rocky Road. Pins are just cover for the noise and a way to launder all the cash they make downstairs.

/or so I’ve heard…


I don’t think you should assume the game was intentionally set up that way. Coils can get hot as the day progresses changing kickouts. Or a tab on the ejector shield could’ve broke early. Most setup guys aren’t out for blood that bad. Old games in particular are more likely to act up as the day(s) go on. Give the setup guy the benefit of the doubt until you know for sure otherwise.


Totally, also, its a very very difficult decision to make a game easier mid-tournament. And usually an ill-advised idea given how that effects earlier qualifying standings. Given that the event in question let you pick 3 games of your choice out of about 20, I have no idea why it struck a sour note. Just.dont.pick.that.game.


There are better ways to conceal adjustments that reduce ball time than turning off initial ball save. I recall Iron Maiden Pro had a ~9 second initial ball save as factory default. It didnt seem to long to me.


that creates more wear on games for less money. the reason pinball started being pulled from locations years ago. when there are unlimited ex balls, loose tilt, low replays and high % matches, people hog games on 50 cents (or 25 cents or whatever) and tear the machine up with limited coin drop. an operator i know has his tz , taf, and other wpc games at 25 cents per play but they are blown out and a few features per game dont even work, flat playing, black play field, horrible condition.
every other game besides pinball these days can be over in a matter of under 5 seconds (redemption).
i doubt if people care if they don’t win replays etc. new players arent even aware of ex balls, replays, etc.
only older clientele may care, but they arent the ones who usually drop coin on location.


Not struck a sour note, just observing the facts. I wasn’t even involved in that game, but did play it in qualifying - once.
It was in the knockout section when the 4 players were playing - so they didn’t have the option to choose another game.

With that format of qualifying I believe that there is no way anything should be changed after the first game has been played, as ANY changes will have an impact.


I think an exception can be made for two cases:

  1. extreme issues, such as a tilt bob falling off or a game obviously leaning in a certain direction.

  2. moderate issues, such as a tilt too loose/tight but only between tournament phases with the changes noted if possible.


Agreed Pinball cuts itself short and most customers didn’t even notice the ballsaver was gone we also had to eliminate the startbutton as most customers couldn’t find it lol. This is why on Raw Thrills games any button acts as start. Thinking outside of the box is the way to go. I still like hearing the player prospectives


We do a ton of watching players play our test games and “casual players” continue to amaze us . . .



I have had a kid press every button on a pin except start, kick the game then request a refund. Also had one that couldn’t find the flipper buttons just plunged and watched and plunged again. Then I look at all the buttons on P3 and bang my head into the wall. (Still think its a good system with potential just needs less buttons)


Stern should ship with only the lockdown bar button and have it flip both flippers at once. The game could also just scream “PUNCH IT” over and over again until you press the button


These invariably are the kids that have to tell everyone how good they are at pinball.


Re: P3 buttons I personally agree, that’s why you can get the big “slammer” button boxes if that’s to your liking. The button housing is swappable like most things on the machine.


That does NOT look comfortable to play. Two additional bezels between my palm on the lockdown bar and fingers on the button?


But its a “feature”!!! trololol


I am aware of those but that limits my game choices :confused: