Official Critical Hit Thread

I give that as a warning / have heard it as a warning when using Whisper.

Trading of cards is disallowed in my events…I often see a lot of novice/first timers so I feel if trading was allowed then there’s be some hilariously predatory trades that remind me of CCG days haha. I do need to remind everyone of this, especially the “return all cards to ME” when you are eliminated rule. Obviously TDs can do what they want in terms of house rules. I like disallowing invert for r1 so people have a shot to play any good cards they earned (if we are doing that) if they want.

I usually sit out when I run CH and have decent rules knowledge, so I suggest myself as Whisper as I’m the most unbiased person present.

When I play, I often hold this card as my last card so when people ask me if I have cards I say “yes” and then if they swap/steal/contagion whatevs haha

Will any be on sale at INDISC / available as a reward for volunteering X hours? Asking for a friend :wink:

IMO, it also could allow for immense amounts of collusion beyond what the cards already do. Honestly, I’m surprised your group is ok with it.



It’s probably because no one I’ve played it with takes this format seriously, so it’s just for fun.

Hi all.
I am planning to have a critical hit tournament in march, as part of a memorial tournament for my wife that passed in may 2018, due to brain cancer. She was really a fighter, always in optimistic mood and always with a lovely dark sense of humor. So in that spirit, in the same way life can be so f***ing unfair and cancer so brutal, what better format than critical hit to remind people of sudden unfairness and live life now to the fullest :slight_smile: I think she would have loved it. The tournament fee will be donated to brain cancer foundation.

Anyways, I thought id sketch my initial format idea and would be great to have some feedback on schedule and rules, based on peoples experiences.

I assume we will be 16-20 people. lets assume 16 for the sake if simplicity. I have the matchplay deck.
As it stands I have one deck, and based the format of that. might buy another before to be more flexible.

At registration, everyone gets 1 card. (that leaves 38 cards).
random groups of four and random games.
Ive put one round with one game to around 20-25 minutes, considering all groups must finish before next round starts. Is this a reasonable assumption? In each round I am thinking of giving 1st place and 4th place a card. That means for each round, 8 cards will be deducted.

After playing 4 rounds, 6 cards will remain. Im considering to auction these 6 last cards of, and the money goes to the norwegian brain cancer foundation.

After this, there will be two more rounds and then the top 8 players advance to playoffs.

Playoffs consists of two groups of 4 people, playing 3 games. top two advance to the finals.
Finals are 4 players, playing three games.

As I havent really organized a CH tournament for real (had a strike version in 2017 but dont remember much), does the above sound like a good running tournament? Im open for suggestions on all aspects…more cards (an additional deck, distribution of cards, time schedule etc).

Thanks, all input appreciated :slight_smile:

and if you need any tiebreaker games play cards in them yes/no?

Hmm not thought of it, thanks for bringing it up. Pros/cons? Might have automatic tie breaking, depending on time frame.

cons can cards that pull in other players can make stuff messy or cards that do group stuff.
Or even the skip round cards

Is your 20-25 minute round estimate including card play before, during and after games? If so, that may be ambitious. Card play can really draw out a Critical Hit tournament.

Yes, my initial schedule though was 30 minutes, maybe Ill revert back to that, with timing. Our games are quite hard set up, so that will at least reduce the game time a little.

If a card like Invert is used, to swap your entire hand with a player in your group, MUSt the players show how many cards they have, or can they choose to hide the amount of cards so it is more of a risk for the player if he will get 1 or more cards? @kdeangelo

I’m not kdeangelo, but we have allowed players to not disclose their hand size.

Haha all answers appreciated, Øyvind :wink:

As an aside: Next time we run a critical hit tournament, I’m going to bring something like this to get people’s attention whenever someone plays a Modica:

If nothing else, I’m looking forward to see the effect it has on people who’re playing when the alert goes off. Mwa ha ha.

That would maybe be even better to use when Desistance is played :stuck_out_tongue:

This is definitely a house rule in the ones I’ve played in (SoCal).

For the ones I’ve run myself, players have to answer truthfully if they have cards or not, but they don’t have to say how many cards they have.

At the various CH tournies I’ve run we’ve had people reply honestly with how many cards they have. there are some instances where you have to pick a card and if someone lies and says they have two cards and saves their third card when the other player is drawing one of their random cards we feel this would be dishonest and cheating so folks have to say whether they have cards or not and if picking a card all cards must be presented to draw from.

Right, in that case all cards had to be presented here as well, and I can see how full disclosure at all times is the simplest solution.

I allow players to withhold the specific number of cards they have but must say if they have any. Same as @Binkley

As a board game mechanic, I generally don’t like the withholding of information which could be publicaly tracked or computed. The main reason being that then the optimal play of the game requires all players to maintain the state, which adds time. You could argue instead that tracking state without aids (like paper) is a skill and players better at that skill should be rewarded. Since I suck at that skill, I generally prefer honest disclosure of information that could be tracked via public information.