Odds are up!


In the Northwest an actual statement from at least one tournament director of a fairly major event was something to the effect of “I make sure the money in envelopes goes to the right player, what happens to the money after that is no business of mine.” Which is fine by me. Pinball is cheap, but travel is expensive. I make a vanishingly small profit on weeklies overall in Seattle if all you account for is entry fees, coin drop and bus fare or gas, but even with a beer or two at each I’m definitely back to losing money again. Flying around and renting hotels is several orders of magnitude more expensive, so if people want to put some personal arrangements in place to minimize financial risk, I am very much okay with that.


Oh yeah, if I don’t know about there’s nothing that I can do. When we transitioned to a non-profit and began writing checks instead of handing out cash I had people ask me to rewrite their checks because they were doing a split, and… no.


So much of life is exploiting plausible deniability for the good of yourself, your friends, and the awesome things around you.