OBX Flippers Fall Pinball Bash 2017 PAPA Circuit Event

Registration is now open for the OBX Flippers Fall Pinball Bash 2 PAPA Circuir Series here is the link

NOTE please register on a laptop, computer or iPad .

Registration is on the left hand side of site and PayPal is on the right hand side . Link to our Facebook event page is in middle . Also link to google doc for rules .

It was great hosting many that are on this tilt forum who came last year to the tournament . If there is any question needed please let me know.

Who would not want to play for first place prize along with the money you will also be playing for a PINBALL MACHINE. Last years winner Tim Sexton won a Demo Man Pinball machine.

Look forward to a great weekend of pinball . More to come in future

Payouts go… 4 deep?

Payouts go through top 8

1st place: Pinball Machine, 35% of entry fees and trophy
2nd place 25% of entry fees and trophy
3rd place: 15% of entry fees and trophy
4th through 8th place: 5% of entry fees and trophy

Forgot to add to minus out the $5 papa circuit fee as part of payout

We have changed the plans for our side Classics tournament. Last year we worked with the Pinball.edu Charity on the Classics event, but we were unable to do so this year due to scheduling conflicts. This year, our Classic tournament will be held on Saturday morning from 10:30-1:30 PM. The format will be 3-Strike Group Knockout. (All players will play at least 3 rounds. If you get 3rd or 4th place in a group you’ll receive a strike. Once you have 3 strikes you are eliminated from the tournament.)

The Classics Tournament will be limited to 40 participants, and have an entry fee of $20. In-person registration for this classics tournament will open at 5 PM on Friday, Nov. 17.


David Shields
David Klionsky
Keith Brown

Tournament Organizers

I’m very interested in attending. Please understand, it’s a long way to go and expensive for many, but I hear the venue is fantastic! My only concern is that with the Classics being limited to only (the first) 40) that leaves many of us with only one tourney to play. It might hurt attendance as consideration will have to be made if it’s worth the time/cost for one event and a hope of playing a 2nd. The lure of the 2 tourneys had interested me.

Thanks for the feedback , we are trying to make the best out of this issue that came up this past weekend. we were trying to make it fair for all to have sign ups on the Friday so plenty of participants can get their qualifying games in on Friday for main and then play in classics on Saturday . It will be hard to try to do both on Saturday without getting some of the games in main on Friday . With that said having 40 participants in classics will lessen the lines for main on Saturday . I hated this happened so late in process but hopefully it will work out , fingers crossed. Thanks

Trophies and prizes for upcoming event at Flippers, safe travels to all.


“A” Main Tournament

1st Place: Trophy, Striker Extreme Pinball & 35% of Entry Fee
2nd Place: Trophy, Star Wars Playfield & 25% of Entry Fee
3rd Place: Trophy, Choice Star Wars Translite & 15% Entry Fee
4th Place: Trophy, Star Wars Translite & 5% Entry Fee
5-8th Place: Trophy, Star Wars book & 5% Entry Fee

All Winners 1st-8th also receive Large Tournament Poster

“B” Tournament

1st Place: Trophy, Choice of 3 Translites, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters or
Or Star Wars
2nd Place: Trophy & Choice of 2 Translites.
3rd Place: Trophy & Translite
4th - 8th Place: Trophies & Totes from Spooky Pinball

All Winners 1st-8th also receive medium size Tournament poster

Classics Tournament

1st Place: Trophy & Choice of 3 Dirty Donnie Posters
2nd Place: Trophy & 2nd Choice of Dirty Donnie Posters
3rd Place: Trophy & Dirty Donnie Poster
4th Place: Trophy & Pinball Punk Resin model kit by Dirty Donnie
5th-8th Place: Trophy & T shirt by Stern Pinball

All winners 1st -8th also receive small Tournament poster

Some additional prizes by Keith Brown and other business’s

Everyone entering the Tournament will receive a Tournament tee
& drawstring backpack with flippers cup and other goodies from
Various business’s.

David Shields
Outer Banks Amusements
6615 Caratoke Hwy.
Grandy, NC 27939
252-453-4386 office
252-599-0400 cell


Tournament Tees are here. This year we printed 2 different tees. Each person entering the Main Tournament has their choice of tee shirt. After Tournament starts extras will be for


Hear @triadwatch Keith Brown talk about OBX Flippers Arcade Fall Bash on Episode 88 of @PinballProfile.



Link for qualifying standings


Congrats to Trentaur for winning open and Debbie for winning Classics! Trent has locked up top Circuit seed.


Bob disregard the results. I am working on the other eight. Got in late will take care of it asap

Okay, I’ll wait for your fix to update my master file. The top 40 portion that I put online just tonight should still be good, though, since that lower batch won’t impact those positions based on who’s in it in whatever order. Thanks.

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Sounds good

Top 24 and me TD. Thanks to all who participated , helped and made this a great pinball tournament in North Carolina

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Video from local paper who stopped by event

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OBX Classics Tournament results


1 Deborah Tahlman 37.51
2 Jon Replogle 27.75
3 Chris Compton 22.70
4 Tom Benevento 18.95
5 Angela Pecora 16.00
6 Pete Indick 13.60
7 Justin Campbell 11.62
8 Tim McCool 9.97
10 Tony Pierce 7.42
10 Garth K. Dunklin Jr. 7.42
10 Tom Destasio 7.42
10 Anthony Wojtkowiak 7.42
15 Jason Werdrick 3.89
15 Steven Bowden 3.89
15 AJ Replogle 3.89
15 Nathaniel Gibson 3.89
15 jeffrey shropshire 3.89
15 Alan Bowman 3.89
21 Drew Cedolia 2.39
21 Rob Thomas MD 2.39
21 David Demas 2.39
21 Scott Durfee 2.39
21 Shannon Stafford 2.39
21 james proffitt 2.39
30 Trent Augenstein 1.66
30 Fred Richardson 1.66
30 Tim Sexton 1.66
30 Basci Dinc 1.66
30 Chipper Hughes 1.66
30 Laura Fraley 1.66
30 Joan McCool 1.66
30 Paul Caras 1.66
30 Marcelo Campos Hazan 1.66
30 William Garrison 1.66
30 Edward Gusler 1.66
40 Bob Matthews 0.94
40 Anne Gibson 0.94
40 Justin Richardson 0.94
40 Andy Bowes 0.94
40 Daniel Purdy 0.94
40 Dave Weaver 0.94
40 Eric Destasio 0.94
40 Justin Semke 0.94
40 Andrew Skelton 0.94
40 Matt DeWorken 0.94
49 Davey Plaisted 0.29
49 Scott Kutheis 0.29
49 Ross Wilson 0.29
49 Levi Nayman 0.29
49 David Kanoy 0.29
49 Matt Gusler 0.29
49 Clark Fraley 0.29

Here is a list of Winners from our Big Fall Tournament. In the pictures the Black Trophies are for th “A” Main Tournament.
The “B” Tournament were Silver Trophies and the wood grain brown trophies were for the Classics. Congrats to all the winners and the Grand Champion, Trent Augenstein

Main Tournament “A”

1st Place, Grand Champion : Trent Augenstein
2nd Place: Shannon Stafford
3rd Place: Eric Destasio
4th place: Nathaniel Gibson
5th place: Pete Hendricks
6th Place: Drew Cedolia
7th Place : Robert Peters
8th Place: Levi Nayman

“B” Tournament

1st Place: Matt DeWorken
2nd Place: Garth Dunklin
3rd Place: Sean Bueter
4th Place: Daniel Purdy
5th Place: Sunshine Bon
6th Place: Basci Dinc
7th Place: Andrew O’Connor
8th Place: Marcelo Campos Hazan

Classics Tournament

1st Place: Deborah Tahlman
2nd Place: Jon Replogle
3rd Place: Chris Compton
4th Place: Tom Benevento
5th Place: Angela Pecora
6th Place: Pete Indick
7th Place: Justin Campbell
8th Place: Tim McCool


Congrats to Deborah! But how dare you call her a POS PLAYER. Just kidding, of course.