NYC pin-tourism advice?

I will probably have some free time in the evening Mon, Tues, Wed next week. I will probably hit up Modern and Sunshine.

Are there days or times either place should be avoided or encouraged? I am looking for things like “Monday FLR breaks out the karaoke machine and does a pretty mean brown eyed girl.” Or “Every Tuesday sunshine get’s overrun by Jets, unless your looking for a dance-off, I would recommend another night”.

Sunshine every night…you’ll rarely get the opportunity to play such awesome high quality games in that great of shape, that are still set up fairly challenging for high level players. Plus beer


Sunshine has league on Wednesday nights, $5 entry and they pay out 100% at the end of the night. You won’t get a ton of WPPRs since you won’t be around for league finals, but you could walk out with some cash. Also, people are pretty friendly so you’ve got that. :slight_smile:

Greg says it starts at 8, but really don’t expect to have your first math until 8:30. Usually goes to 11:00 or so. Hope to see you there.

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Skip Sunshine and Modern. Pioneers in Manhattan just got Dialed In. Drive up to Rock Fantasy if you get a chance for games with 2 tilt warnings

Modern is fun, but heads up that you can’t eat or drink in there. They do have a deal where they’ll allow re-entry from the bar next door, though.

Personally, if I’m in Manhattan, Pioneers is the spot. If I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll just start in Williamsburg — it’s gotten saturated with amazing locations lately. Have you been to Sunshine before? If not, I’d go for sure.

Whenever I visit friends in NYC, somehow we always end up walking around all night shooting the shit. Wandering the city is the best. Hop in a bar for a drink, go grab a slice, head out somewhere else to see what’s happening. Pinball Map makes this 100x more fun —pick an area to hang out in, and then consult the ol map to figure out what’s next. If we get there and the scene sucks, no worries — there’s usually something else five minutes away.

Have fun!

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Pioneer’s – I would avoid going here after 6pm on any day of the week as it is frequently packed with loud, young drunk people who do not care about pinball. Thankfully it opens at 1pm so you pin to your heart’s content before then.

Sunshine can get very crowded on a Friday or Saturday night, but is okay on most other nights. Come to the $5 weekly tonight (Wednesday)! I’m sure Greg WPPRelli would be happy to have you.

Milo’s Yard is another great spot with an eclectic collection but it’s way out in Ridgewood. If you’re already in Bushwick for some reason, I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit.

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