NW Pinball Show Tournament (was: NW Pinball Championships) livestream

Live now, depending on when your now happens to be.


And here’s the link

Actually, this is the NW Pinball Show Tournament. The NW Champs are August 28-30 and are organized by Beneficial Malfunction (the folks running the broadcast for the show tourney). Both events are on the PAPA circuit so confusion is probably inevitable and understandable given the cross promotion we’re doing. I’m super glad you’re enjoying the show tourney broadcast though; we’re having a blast doing it! :slight_smile:

I was actually going by the logo on the screen at the time. :smile:
So, yah, confusion,

It’s a great broadcast. I checked in and out throughout and night and it was a lot of fun. Especially around the end of the night with the finals games and tiebreakers.

Are the results posted anywhere?


Just caught up with the stream today. Other than the finals being… interesting… it was a well-done stream. Jarett did a great job improving on the mic: he remembered to talk a lot, which is the most difficult thing for a new broadcaster.

Glad to hear my commentary was all right! I actually enjoyed it quite a bit too. Perhaps I will do some more commentary at NW Pinball Championships. It was a whole new experience for me so it is really nice to see a few people let me know it went well!