NW Pinball Championships 2022

IT IS OFFICIAL, we are back! We have secured our location for the 2022 event, it will be happing from September 9th through 11th 2022.

We will be back as the same location as 2019, at Lynnwood Bown and Skate.

Details to come but we are looking for the format to be nearly identical with 2019, Open division with TOP 24 qualifiers as well as new 8 Amateurs, Classic, Women and High-stake tournaments


NW Pinball Championships 2022
September 9th to 11th (Qualifying Fri noon-midnight / Sat 10am-midnight, Finals Sunday)

More at http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/

We will have more announcement in the future as well as the banks line up!


More info have been released as well as the facebook event:

After a long COVID break NW Pinball Championships is back, BETTER and BIGGER than ever!

This year we are running FIVE IFPA events, including THREE CERTIFIED IFPA events (+20% WPPRs boost).

We also continue to be part of the Stern Pro Circuit

2022 updated changes:
New schedule for events, please refer to the website scheduling page for latest details.
MORE FINALIST in the High Stake division (if we reach 64 certified qualifiers).
NEW REVENGER group knockout tournament on Sunday if you did not make the Open finals or got knocked out in the 1st round.

NW Pinball Championships 2022
September 9th to 11th (Qualifying Fri noon-midnight / Sat 10am-midnight, Finals Saturday for Women’s and Classic, Sunday for Open and High stake tournaments)

100% of the tournament tickets/cards money is paid back to the players as prizes, topped with generous contributions from our sponsors. Over $15,000 was paid out in prize last year (including trophies)!

We are continuing to receive great feedback about our new venue of the past 3 events and we are happy to announce we will be returning to the Lynnwood Bowl & Skate for 2019!

More at http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/

We take great pride in having an extremely dialed and enjoyable lineup and overall providing a world-class tournament experience.

The OPEN division qualifying will continue with the “card of 5 games” format this year. The bank will be expanded to 8 games this year.
The CLASSIC tournament qualifier will be “Best game/Herb” format.
The WOMEN’s tournament qualifier will use the same format as the OPEN division, with a “card of 4 games” out of a bank of 5.
The HIGH STAKE division will use the same format as the OPEN division, with a “card of 5 games” out of a bank of 5.
The SUNDAY REVENGE tournament will be a 4 player group Knockout tournament on the Classic bank.

We will be streaming the finals on Saturday and Sunday all day. We will also stream the qualifying on Friday and Saturday (depending on availability). All this thanks for our partnership with GeekGamer.TV

The Northwest Pinball Championships is open to players of all skill levels and ages. It is a multi-day qualifying tournament followed by a day of finals. During qualifying on Friday and Saturday players purchase cards for OPEN/HIGH STATIC (5 games per card) or individual tickets for CLASSICS/WOMEN’s to play on the tournament machines. Players may purchase as many cards or tickets as they like but there will be lots of opportunities for free tickets (Volunteering, pre-tournaments…).

To help us cover our location rental cost a $20 registration fee which will includes 3 free tickets for the Classics division.

OPEN/AMATEUR division cards (5 games per card) will be 1 for $20, 3 cards for $50 and 5 cards for $75 (AMATEUR can purchase 3 cards for $40).
CLASSICS/AMATEUR division individual tickets (1 game per ticket) will be 1 ticket = $5, 3 tickets = $10, 7 tickets = $20 and 20 tickets = $50
WOMEN’S division cards (4 games per card) will be 1 for $15, 2 cards for $25 and 5 cards for $50 (AMATEUR can purchase 3 cards for $30).
HIGH STAKE division cards (4 games per card) will be 1 for $40 (AMATEUR can purchase ONCE their FIRST card for $20).

Combo #1 - 2 Open Cards, 5 Classics entries, and 1 High Stakes Card for $80 (a $25 discount)
Combo #2 - 1 Open Card, 1 Women’s Card, 5 Classics entries, and 1 High Stakes Card for $70 (a $15 discount)

Each player’s best score on each machine is tracked in a computer and those scores are ranked against all the other competitor’s scores on that machine. Players then receive an aggregate of their machine rankings (on a card or through all their best individual tickets) to determine their overall qualifying position in their division.

Anyone making it to a final on Sunday will get cash prizes! All top 4 finalist will get trophy/plaques to take home!

There will also be several activities including charity drive, swag raffles and more…!

We will have more announcement in the future as well as the banks line up!


Pre-registration open Saturday 18th of June at Noon PST, the event is capped at 128 players.

A form will be available on the website main page to submit your pre-registration intent, https://www.nwpinballchamps.com/.

You will be contacted to submit the $20 (+ Paypal fee) payment by email (credit card payment) to confirm your registration.

75% refund by July 1st, 50% by August 15th, no refunds post September 1st.


Reminder that the registration will open tomorrow at Noon PST, the form on the main page will be as shown below, you can submit up to four players per form:

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We now have just over 100 players registered in the first 24 hours, we are capping at 128 so there still some spots if you are interested but do not wait too long-

Northwest Pinball Championships (nwpinballchamps.com)

Making travel plans, any reason to be around Thursday evening? Thanks.

we are finalizing pre-event planning but there will most likely be a full TGP evening event on the Thursday night at one of our sponsor location in the Seattle area.


Main registration is now close, 128 players have paid and confirmed so we are currently sold out.

However, we have added a Women only registration for those that did not get in through the Main registration but still want to participate in the Women event (only).
Another form is available for this new registration on the website:
Northwest Pinball Championships (nwpinballchamps.com)

We are now confirming the sponsors and we will make an announcement soon, stay tuned!

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Where’s the waitlist of names?

Hey Jason, i have not been able to find the right spot for it on the website so i have on my tracking spreadsheet right now, i’ll try to put it on this weekend, looks like this today:

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Some fresh update, the sponsors recruiting period and promotional material creation are now complete.

Thanks a lot to @jay to helping us again this year sorting all the pretty design stuff out!

For those flying into town before the event, we have the major pre-event on Thursday night starting at 8PM at The Ice Box Arcade. That will one of Seattle special fully rated event with Matchplay qualifiers and Multi-matchplay finals-

The Trophy and plaques are nearly all here so i will update the thread with pictures when i have them all.

Big shootout to our sponsors that are helping by adding to our budget or providing swags/donations for prize and raffle. This year we once again forecast that 100% of entry paid by players will be paid back as prizes.
Any players winning $600 or more overall during the weekend will be paid by check and is required to complete a W9 so we can issue a 1099-MISC to you and the IRS (Similar INDISC and IFPA events).

We are very proud to announce our “SPECIAL” and “Limited edition” sponsors for the 2022 edition of the Northwest Pinball Championships!

These are our most dedicated sponsors that support our event at the highest level. Very well know in the Seattle scene and PNW, they do a lot to support the pinball community at large!
-8-Bit Arcade, Renton WA

-The Ice Box Arcade, Seattle WA

We are also proud to announce our premium sponsors for the 2022 edition of the Northwest Pinball Championships!

Our premium partners are very important to the success of our event and we are working closely together to make this happen. They do a lot to support our pinball community and no stranger to proving their generosity with their support.

-Cointaker, https://cointaker.com/.
cointaker logo
-Comet pinball, https://cometpinball.com/.

-Flip N Out pinball, https://flipnoutpinball.com/.

-American pinball, https://american-pinball.com/.

-Jersey Jack pinball, https://jerseyjackpinball.com/.
JJP Logo
-Stern Pro Circuit, https://sternpinball.com/stern-pro-circuit/overview/.

-Admiral Pub, Seattle WA

-Another Castle Arcade Edition, Edmonds, WA
-Jupiter Bar, Seattle WA

-Olaf’s Bar, Seattle WA

-Shorty’s, Seattle WA

-Waterland Arcade, Des Moines WA


Nice! Will there be preregistration available for the September 8th tournament?

No pre-registration planned, will be first come first server at the event with a capacity of 80 people.

Player and Wait list has been published at the bottom of the Rules page:
Northwest Pinball Championships - Rules (nwpinballchamps.com)

Is there a cutoff for people who don’t play an entry by a certain time / date, without notifying you, so that their spot will be given away to next person on the waitlist should they happen to be there? I remember this being an issue in Texas (well not really an issue, more of a curiosity)

that white on white is hard to read at times

Yes, we talked about putting together a rule, we will publish the final version on the website.

totally agree, we are looking at changing at some point

Updated with black highlight for now-

talking with the team we have implemented the following:

Players must have played one full game by Saturday at Noon to confirm their registration spot. If a player has not played a game by Saturday at noon, the organizers will try to contact the players and if they cannot confirm they are on their way, their reserved spot will be forfeited and the next player on the wait list will be contacted.
If you know you are delayed, please contact the organizers to make sure you will not lose your sport