NW Pinball Championships 2019

That’s why I’m thinking this could be a part of the effort, to maybe complement other methods like a Patreon, KickStarter or IndieGogo thing.

Also getting sponsors for the streaming side as well could help and take the pressure off too.

Exactly what I have had as a dream production. In the corner of the room and some 2 times a mand height up. Moved and zoomed to show the current player up and the two neighbouring games (more less, what ever works best). What marvelous atmosphere of the broadcast.

Not a critic of the NWPC broadcast. But inspiration for the future.

Not only will this give a better production, imho, but it will also save battery and wireless bandwidth for those with a mobile rig.

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This image nicely shows the only slight complaint I had watching the streams, and that is the view of the top of the players head and not seeing the flippers. i realize optimal view of playfield is probably the viewpoint you were at but not missing action I think trumps it, so maybe move the cameras just a few inches forward for less head shots.

Very much enjoy watching all the action, still getting through a lot of it, Thank you very much all for doing this.

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I think that’s just @Steveo, file the complaint to him (and maybe Gagno…)

The alternative is that awkward flipper view from behind… where they appear all small and distorted


I think in this case it was definitely the position of the guillotine. @Steveo does like to lean forward when he plays, but he rarely blocks the flippers on his own stream, and we have the same setup. Ideally, you want your guillotine to cut your game in half, the one shown above is way too close to the flipper buttons.

Oh right, this was on the mobile rig. The stationary cameras seemed to have more full coverage

I would argue that positioning should be slightly forward of center so that the camera is pointing to the middle of the playfield when it’s at an angle matching that of the playfield. This positioning shouldn’t overly exacerbate any problems with dome obtrusions. Someone who’s going to get their head over top of the game is going to obstruct it either way. Example image to illustrate why:


Thank you for watching!

With the High Stakes finals, I wasn’t able to fully line up the mobile rig deeper in the machine as setup time was limited between the Open Finals and High Stakes.

During the Women’s Finals on the night before, we were able to get things lined up and have it a bit deeper and it didn’t have any “head blocking issues”

But @Steveo does lean in more than most…:wink: But totally okay - he was a great guest announcer on the stream :slight_smile:

I think @kdeangelo did mention a way he sets up his camera on his rig to get a better viewing angle. Now I can’t remember anything from last weekend so don’t quote me on this…

Thanks for a great stream! High quality throughout, with tons of great play. Looked like an awesome event.

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Thank you very much!

It was a stellar event! Can’t wait for next year!

I’ve been asked if the Finals will get their own videos (so you don’t have to skim through videos to get to them?) And the answer is… YES!!!

I’m also working on some highlights, so does anyone have any favorite or awesome moments that you saw??? Please let me know!

I appreciate the work you’re putting into this, Chase, you’re one of the true innovators in this field, and I’m very glad to see you streaming pinball again.

Just wanted to note that there’s a website whose sole aim is to enable people to watch pinball without having to skim through videos, so until your edited videos are up, people could go there to watch the Finals.


I would love to see those massive games of Batman by Escher. I tried to watch it on the first video but the audio is 5 minutes or so behind the video and it drove me crazy haha

Thank you for the very kind words. :blush:

I believe your referring to pinballvideos.com, it’s an awesome website and I love it when I’m at the computer, but I had a situation last night that I couldn’t use it.

Was trying to watch the Women’s Finals on YouTube via Roku and in order to fast forward 8 hours into the coverage would of taken about 20 minutes as the Roku only jumps ahead in 10 second spurts! ARRGH! lol - so creating separate videos (that are not 8+ hours long) makes it easy to share on many more devices.

Yeah for some reason the audio started to drift on the recording. This will be fixed on the edited videos AND I will be creating one of the epic 63 Billion Game and the smaller 20+ Billion game on B66. Can’t wait to rewatch that one!


You did a great job with the stream and I had it on almost all weekend. I just wish more people knew about the stream.

Originally I went to the NWPC site to see if there was a stream and either there was either no mention of it or I couldn’t find it. I was able to find info on this thread and on Pinside but I had to go looking, I had to seek it out. This tournament stream was not well advertised though you do more than most streamers to make sure we knew about it, certainly more than most tournament streams, even the majors.

It’s too bad as I’m starting to prefer these streams more than most weekend sports, I just wish more people knew how awesome they are, especially yours.

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We have a link to @GeekGamerTV main website but yeah it could have been more clear, will go in lesson learn for next year!

“smaller 20+ billion game” Absolutely crazy!

It’s time for the Women’s Division Semifinals at the Northwest Pinball Championships 2019! We had incredible action and had our first ever weather related delay from one of the biggest lightning storms to ever hit our local area!

This round includes coverage of the following:

Brooke Borcherding
Sara Urban
Ashley Weaver
Zofia Gil
Jasmijn de Jong
Hannah Holmberg Hatch
Nik Sear
Brianne Hunt

Games Played:
Flash Gordon

Your Hosts:
Chase Nunes
Maureen Hendrix
Jon Shaiman

Video here: https://youtu.be/Jtl1cgs1ukE

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Did you see it during our live coverage?

During Friday Open Qualifying at the Northwest Pinball Championships 2019 the broadcast booth was alerted to an epic game by Escher Lefkoff as he was in the middle of a game on Batman '66 (by Stern Pinball)

We join this game in progress on Ball 2 and what you see is pretty amazing! Enjoy and share!!


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