NW Pinball Championships 2018


Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to write. I appreciate the kind words and complements. I spent about 3 weeks planning technically and creating graphics needed for the broadcast.

I touched on this briefly but during the broadcast I shared that’s it’s been 5 years since my last pinball broadcast and I’m happy to be back. I couldn’t have done it without the added support of Eden and Germain with first asking me to do it and with Karl, Mike, Stephen and many others with equipment, software support and setup/take down. Also last but not least all the announcers who called some action, players who interviewed with us and Ashley for being an awesome co host.

I hope to do more in the future and become a quality destination for Live Pinball Events but gathering equipment takes time. :slight_smile:

And for those wondering, for my day job I’m a Broadcast Engineer for KOMO-TV, love pinball and been involved for gaming/geeky/streaming stuff for over 15 years.

Thanks again and much appreciated for the feedback! :hugs:



Oh I posted this on Facebook, but just in case you haven’t seen it:

For those wondering…Yes the 2018 Northwest Pinball Championships will be fully posted (all 3 days) over to YouTube in full unedited format here shortly! :+1::grin:

Additionally, I will be editing down the coverage to smaller consumable versions like the Women’s Final, TieBreaker games, Open Finals, that make it easier to share with friends. Also a special one showing all the best shots and clips of the tournament. :). If you have any moments you want included, please let me know!



Excellent stream Chase!
Thanks again!


(final post of the year, promise!)

THANK YOU! I wanted to start with this, our event would not happen without the support from many MANY people, or without players trusting our event and come participate!

We had 91 players in the OPEN same attendance as last year, continuing strong! 23 Women participated for our new format with a dedicated bank for qualifying, over 50% increase from last year! We had 93 players in CLASSIC as well, increased presence from last year. We continue to grow and beat our record attendance so far!
Special thanks for all our local people from the greater Seattle area but also people from Oregon, British Columbia, Idaho, California…!
Over 650 card entries were played in the OPEN tournament, a substantial increase of 20% from last year! FunHouse and The Addams Family were the most popular game with around 350 games played each!
The Classic games were around 400 games played per machine, with the Women’s bank games around 150 games per machine.
That is a mind boggling 4,800 games of pinball during qualifying, more than 3 games per minutes!

Due to increase generosity of our sponsor and growth in attendance our cash prizes paid over $15,000 this year, a substantial increase from last year! That is on top of the trophies and plaques which number also grew. Top 4 prizes in OPEN were $2,980 for 1st, $1,775 for 2nd, $1,187 for 3rd and $795 for 4th. Classics top 4 prizes were $1,000 for 1st, $800 for 2nd, $600 for 3rd and $400 for 4th and the Women’s paid out $500 for 1st, $250 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd and $100 for 4th.

We welcome any feedback and comments to make this event better every year (info@nwpinballchamp.com). We will also be sending anonymous survey to those who would like to provide feedback. We strive to do our best with our limited resource and volunteers dedicating them precious free time to others, with that said we hope everyone has fun!

Of course, this could not have happened without all our INCREDIBLE volunteers, sponsors and partners. I am always worried to call out people by name as there has been SO MANY people helping the core NWPC organizing team (you know who you are!). Our incredible pinball moving team, Danger Dan and Jordan (helping still even though he relocated to WI!), Michelle and the Tibbetts family for running the registration desk and much more all week as well as Jerilyn (Ray’s mom) for putting many MANY hours in helping at the desk and other various tasks. Karl for his tournament software and support during the whole weekend, ALL the scorekeeper volunteer, including last minute people helping out, even people from BC like Dave, Miles or CA like Mike, Johnny, Kira, Damien…!

Massive kudos to GeekGamer.TV, our first year cooperating with Chase and it was an astounding success! Ashley was a great partner supporting the streaming effort as well as guest speakers and support team members.

We rely on generous local collector to loan us game for our events, this could not happen without them either, thank you!

BIGGEST THANKS to Lynnwood Bowl and Skate to accommodate us against this year. There was no short of compliments from the players on the location and the staff! It is hard thinking of running our event anywhere else now.

And also our sponsors, which make this event possible in the first place by supporting our event and pinball at large. Our local sponsors, 8-bit Arcade as our special sponsor this year again with supporting trophy and plaques. As well as our Limited Edition partners in Grand Champion Games, Jupiter Bar, Coindexter’s, Olaf’s and NITRO PINBALL. Amazing support from our Premium sponsors as well, Shorty’s, Full Tilt Ice Cream, Flip Flip, Ding Ding and Another Castle Arcade Edition: Edmonds. Special thanks to Zen Studios for sponsoring us and providing a free to play Pinball FX2 Championship edition machine all weekend! We also receive support from Tiltcycle, Comet Pinball, The Pinball Arcade, Pinball Life, Seattle Pinball Super League and last but not least Stern Pinball as part of the PRO CIRCUIT. Pinball Tim, our best local EM tech provided us support and a game this year (fully repaired Old Chicago EM machine).

We will see you next year!