NW Pinball Championships 2018


Exceptionally well-done stream! Not only very professional, but thank you THANK YOU for putting the playfield cam on the LEFT side of the stream window! Allows us iOS twitch users to have the chat sidebar up on the right side without obscuring the playfield. Wooooo!!


oh! I was wondering why that was…I’ll have to modify my layouts for upcoming streams


Wow, those are some flopped flippers on TAF: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/301426800?t=01h30m43s


The camera angle doesn’t help I think, it’s slightly lower than factory on purpose to make chair shot harder but you can hit every shot.


Close to going LIVE for Day 2 and LAST DAY of Qualifying for the 2018 Northwest Pinball Championships!
Join us for over 9 hours of Live coverage! Estimated start time is about 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET!


For future reference the Stern Pro Circuit Final is in Chicago, not Pittsburgh :wink:


Yeah that alignment makes the chair backhand look extra early.


Thanks! Don’t know why I had Pittsburgh on the mind!


I only watched a couple balls of Cayle’s game, but it looked near impossible to hit the center ramp on the fly from a THing Flips inlane feed.


Will there be a stream for classics finals?


Im guessing no. There were no cameras set up in that room.


unfortunately no, the wifi reception is very poor in that room and we have not cracked that code yet!


No airplane tournament streaming for me!


Pro tip: most airplane WiFi systems don’t block twitch


A few airlines have a deal with T Mobile where they give you an hour of free WiFi. I personally have T Mobile, but I suspect it would work if you just knew the number of someone who did.


Once again: excellent stream and production quality from @GeekGamerTV and the NWPC team. Very enjoyable to watch. Besides the professional-sounding commentary that I heard… some other cool items that are worth emulating by other competition streams:

  • The direct DMD/LCD feed was marvelous! Such a better viewing experience than an offset camera dealing with an odd angle and often washed-out contrast or focus issues.
  • The screen transitions! Both the GeekGamer logo animation, and even moreso… the image of each pins backglass or flyer as they transitioned to that pin. Outstanding!
  • The new pin-specific ticker added at the bottom via @kdeangelo 's magic was very cool.
  • Keeping a keys to the game box specific to the pin being streamed, persistent in the view.
  • Using the DTM functionality of player pics and cycling info (IFPA rank, qualifying seed, lifetime record against opponents).

Next level stuff! Bravo!


Those transition animations :drooling_face:



After a long weekend, a lot of hard fought battle, we have the results of our different division winners, congratulation to all of them as well as every players participating.

We started the day (early in the morning) with our Classics Division. Robert came back after taking a 1 in the first game and won game 3 to force a 7pts tie breaker with Chris on Old Chicago to ultimately take the win in style!

1st Robert Gagno
2nd Chris Chinn
3rd Bob Matthews
4th Germain Mariolle

DTM bracket:
Stream trophy presentation:

Following Classics we had the Womens finals. 23 participated in the qualifiers, battling it out on a dedicated bank of 3 machines. Stephanie Davidson came in as the top seed. Brooke and Stephanie were tied at 6 points after 2 games with Funhouse being the deciding game. Nycole won that game to tie Stephanie at 6 points but Brooke took 2nd place to clinch the title!

1st Brooke Borcherding
2nd Stephanie Davidson
3rd Nycole Hyatt
4th Jasmijn De Jong

DTM bracket:
Stream trophy presentation:

During the Open event, the Rookie top 8 were fighting hard for the top 4 position which awarded plaques and cash prizes.
Mike Gin from California came in as the top seed and played his way to the Rookie title! He finished the final 4 with an impressive 10 points out of 12 maximum!

1st Mike Gin
2nd Zach Amador
3rd Flash Haze
4th Sean McDonald

DTM bracket:
Stream trophy presentation:

And finally we wrapped up the day with the Open finals. 91 players had joined the tournament (https://neverdrains.com/nwpc2018/playerIndex.php?disp=division&sel=Open&skl=Main) to try and qualify for the top 24 finalist spots. Some of the biggest name in pinball qualified high (Robert had the top spot followed by Raymond and Cayle!) but others were were as motivated to take home the prestigious NWPC Grand Champion title!
When Robert fell in a tie breaker against an incredible Chad Bruhaug from Canada in the semi it left Raymond and Cayle as the favorite however Colin and Chad were playing very well too!
Raymond started with an impressive demonstration on The Shadow and followed with a strong performance on Dialed In! which left him with 6 points but closely behind was Cayle with 5 then Colin at 3. Cayle chose The Addams Family for their last game where Raymond showed his talent to take the win and walk away as the NWPC 2018 GRAND CHAMPION! Defending his 2017 title, only the 3 players doing so in NWPC 11 years history. His next target catching up to Keith Elwin 4 NWPC Open titles?!?

1st Raymond Davidson
2nd Cayle George
3rd Colin Urban
4th Chad Bruhaug

DTM bracket:
Stream trophy presentation: