NW Pinball Championships 2018


It is the time of year where we make announcements about the NW Pinball Championships!

It is a special year as the first NWPC dates back to 2008 (see the Standings page) so this will be our 10 year anniversary! And for that special occasion, we have moved @cayle back to Seattle!

2018 changes:

  • We have now a dedicated bank of games for the Women’s division qualifying. The finals will be running on the Open bank Sunday and will be streamed (see the Schedule page).
  • A top 8 Rookie division have been added for IFPA Rank 1,000 and above players to experience finals on Sunday alongside the other players if they did not make the top 24 cutoff in Open.


NW Pinball Championships 2018
August 24th-26th (Qualifying Fri noon-midnight / Sat 10am-midnight, Finals Sunday)

We hope you enjoyed last year location at , we received positive feedback about last new year venue and we are happy to announce we will be returning to the Lynnwood Bowl & Skate for 2018!

More at http://www.nwpinballchamps.com/

We take great pride in having an extremely dialed and enjoyable lineup and overall providing a world-class tournament experience.

As usual we will be streaming the finals on Sunday played on the Open bank as well as the qualifying on Friday and Saturday (depending on availability) on the same bank (were the cameras are set up).

We will once again shamelessly rip off INDISC’s pre-tournament trivia game announcement in the upcoming month!


The world needs more trivia! :):smiley:


You know competition is stiff in the Northwest when the rookie cutoff is IFPA rank 1000+.


As we kicked off our pre-tournament series last night, we have revealed our 2018 NWPC T-shirts!

The design was done by of our local artist, she has work on quite a few design for the pinball community here already :slight_smile:

The design is inspired as an homage of a recent kick ass game and art package, shirts will be available at the event or online on our shop at https://www.nwpinballchamps.com/

More details on our event in the FB page: