Northern Lights Pinball Show 2017 (UK)

The Northern Lights Pinball Show is running over the weekend of October 14th/15th in Manchester England. Co-located with Play Expo the one venue will contain over 100 pinball machines, hundreds of original arcade cabinets and hundreds more retro and modern gaming consoles. You can find more information about the whole event at

This year for the first time we’re also including a 2 day PAPA ticket style competition with hundreds of pounds in prize money and trophies. The finals will be livestreamed over Twitch

We’d love to see some of the best competitors visiting, and have discounted tickets available for those interested at

Northern Lights Pinball is a volunteer led group, and our profits are paid out to our charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust, for whom we have raised over £20,000 to date.

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Yes!! Europe has joined the modern world of tournament formats! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck guys, if my parents hadn’t just come back from England I’d try and tag along and check it out! Hope all goes well!

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And here are the trophies.


very cool!