No pinball on The Ocho :(


Bummer. I guess Pinball didn’t make the cut. But chess boxing did. Lol.


Saw this too. Man literally NO ONE cares about pinball. Haha


To be fair, Kabaddi makes for way better television than pinball.


Haha. That is pretty cool. I watched dodgeball for like 20 mins. Holy shit that was boring.


I remember when the JWF was formed as sport juggling to set itself apart from was the IJA competitions. Interesting to see that it is still a thing.


LOL, amazing! I didn’t realize Kabaddi was an international sport! (Saw another match with India and Korea)


Did they show any darty parties?


Meh. I thought it was pretty lame.
But credit to them on how much production value they put into it.


This plays on cable year-round. Not just during novelty summertime events