New Theatre Of Magic software mod - version 2

The patch has been removed.


Wow nice - didn’t read the whole details but if those folks helped you out and from the summary details this sounds great - would love to play and learn these new rules - thanks Soren!


Ok tried this but can’t get it to store any settings. If I go with default settings it plays but if I try to change then I get reset factory/book keepings when I come out of the adjustments menu. Can’t even get it to store free play.

Maybe did something wrong in the process but can’t figure out what! The new options are present in the menu and some of the fixes you describe work also- so something simple - mines a UK game so maybe that could be it?


So tried re-seat of the ROM - game is a German game originally after poking more in the settings- DIP switches are starting at 1:


Game seems fine other wise just can’t grt it to write settings…


Disturbing. I cannot recreate this immediately. Though not saying there is no issue.

A couple of suggestions.

Verify the coin door closed switch is working (switch test).

If you prefer the comma-seperator, try US setting. DIPs (8-1) = 11111100.

Make a super-reset by removing a battery no game turned off. And re-insert after boot-up.

BTW. Which settings?

Thanks for the feedback.

The settings for the new options in the code - the actual code seems to work but I can’t get any settings saved - I tried the above to no avail unfortunately…

Will leave the ROM in as I have a tourney tomorrow. (but won’t use this game but players can play it and see if there is any other feedback).


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@neilmcrae and @soren: we’re looking to use a TOM with this new ROM for SCS tourney in a few weeks… so looking forward to the additional feedback on how this worked out before a ROM is burned.

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Glad to hear you’re planning for using it. Let me know how it is working out and received by the players.

so I bunged some credits on the game and left it for folks to play. It lasted about 8 games before it crashed completely…

One thought was the security chip what version/model are you using Soren? I will try and get that.

Codebase is 1.3X with compatible security chip. My test game have Euro DIP setting. But that should not matter.

Honestly, I lean towards you have a memory issue with the game. Either bad RAM or the system is failing to open the protected RAM for writing consistently. I am not ruling anything out. But this is what I would diagnostic going ahead.

A couple of suggestions for diagnostic.

Go back to the 1.3X ROM. Any difference regarding adjustments?

Reseat the ASIC. Use the correct tool only - and absolutely only - for this.

Try a different WPC-S CPU board if available and compare.

ok will do.


went back to the original ROM all ok.

I’m going to see if I can swap the board from my indy 500 with ToM and see if that makes any difference.

I installed this on our TOM yesteday and it’s working great! Really liking the new Theatre rule and tournament mode awards from the Trap Door.

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:muscle: Scandinavia united.

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This version is in testing to be used in our SCS so interested to see reactions/changes to strategies!

Due public demand, the code controlling the prototype Tiger saw motor has been ported from the rev. 1.4H ROM to the rev. 1.3X mod. With improvements - see the Readme.

This software is fine regardless if the motor mech is installed on the game or not. And the updated mod replaces the previously released one.

Based on the rev. 1.3X, the mod still requires the 1.3X security chip.

Special thanks to JSA.

See top post.


The TOM mod has been updated with two minor tweaks.

A very generous Trunk-hit-to-drain ball saver in v1.2, that was removed from v1.3, has been re-implemented. It is disabled by default.

The attract mode DMD sequence and the Status report omit buy-in high scores, when the buy-in feature is disabled.

See top post link.

Thank God. Take it away entirely. A ball-save for a trunk hit is bananas.

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An operator made me aware that it “didn’t work” in version 1.3. And he did not like it to go away with an update. How is that for operators to always hate anything extending ball times.

I found out that it was not broken, just reduced. And decided embrace 'em all by extending the menu adjustment to three options. With the default still being “no”.