New The Addams Family software mod

The patch has been removed.


Nice touches!

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Wow, awesome work!

new code will be showcased at NWPC :wink: thanks @soren!


Really good ideas and touches in here.
But I disagree that The Power should not be activated when you hit certain switches – the risk/reward of Multiball and Seance is that The Power (randomization) is active all the time, because the shots/points are available all the time. And those points are quite lucrative. If you’re making all your shots in either scenario, The Power doesn’t impact you much.

I would much prefer that The Power is active on All Switches, but with the shorter magnet time-out interval. Is this possible? In other words, in the new patch, if “All switches” is selected, is there an option to reduce the magnet time-out interval?

Looks like he’s got you covered @Snailman!

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Certainly. The “all switches” group of options are the game as you know it, with shorter time outs selectable. And that was the original idea. The “out of control” punishment options are improvisation on top of it all.

I agree to some extend, Colin, especially for Seance. But the multiball is still good ol’ Pat, with each jackpot to be qualified. And collected via a playfield flipper.

Ahhhh, duh! I didn’t make the connection that each “#s” syntax (2s, 3s, etc) was the # of seconds until the magnet times out. Got it!
Great stuff @soren.

My LAWD this is sweet! Nicely done!

@hisokajp: which adjustment option will you be using at NWPC?

We are using 4s magnet time out so when people want to time it out. it doesn’t delay the game much and the magnets are active as soon as they hit a SW so it is fun :smiley:.

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They are using the “all switches” option. The “as you know it” with a shorter time out.

You are able to distinguish options after lock 2 is made. With the “some switches” option, and assuming the last ball is fed to the shooter lane, you are able to plunge to the swamp or the thing hole, and get the ball on a flipper, without the power activating.

Good luck with the event, Germain. And thanks.


This looks amazing. I’m toying with the idea of putting it on a routed game (kinda stoked about putting a “new code” card on such an established game).

I have no doubt soren’s work is top notch, but for the sake of my own anxiety issues, can anyone here who’s been running the rom for a minute confirm stability? I’d be sad if the game started crashing while I’m out of town for the holidays.

I think that’s a great idea. The only very minor issue I heard at NWPC was that the flippers were still active for a moment when the lock trough emptied at the end of game with tournament mode on. (Didn’t confirm myself!)

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I played the new TAF software mod at EPC 2018 in Finland – an outstanding software mod on the Power, by the way. From all appearances, the pin appeared to be up and running the whole weekend-long tourney.

Perhaps @MRC or @JSZ knows who owns that modded TAF, and whether or not it’s remained stable?

It was from K15. @marble knows more.

edit: I believe @Suicyco owns that machine.

One should never say never, or course. But the mod was beta tested on an operated game here in town. And running on same ever since.

The original 15 sec. to disable magnets routine is running in parallel with the new one. As a safety, if you will.

Thanks for the support.


yep no problem on my machine since running the code following NWPC, splendid work old boy!

Sweet. Thanks for the confirmation. Now to dig out the toothbrush sanitizer and scrounge up a 27C040.

We’ve had the mod running since August and definitely no issues whatsoever (as expected from a @soren mod).

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