New Radical software mod


When you set it to contest game it maxes the jackpot for everyone and turns off all percentaging. (Looks like they got it right for this one)

There is a patch to eliminate the take the high score feature.


OK I watched the video and went back to see state of play. I see player 2 used the kickback in their previous ball, so light was properly off. Player 1 lit it during their immediately preceeding ball.

The most likely thing in my mind is that the kickback was enabled at a system level on player 1’s ball, then not disabled at the start of player 2’s ball, even though the lamp is in the correct state. So the system kicked the ball then since the system kicked it, it did all it’s normal grace period stuff.

Hopefully that gives you somewhere to look.

I guess I haven’t played a dialed PF in a long time because that jackpot generally goes up very slowly. It’s like 2K/pop or 200K/croc saucer. The croc one doesn’t happen very often.

I guess I’m just thinking that 4M is quite a lot for what you have to do and it might be worth it to keep it low, but whatever. I guess with that center ramp it doesn’t matter too much (or even right ramp if it shoots well).



Would it be better to add a patch to kneecap the jackpot at a smaller value then? I guess the argument against having it be 4 million is that if you don’t do the thing, you’re going to lose. vs. grinding away at points some other way.


Well I kind of changed my mind on it since there’s a few things. POLICE for 3M, unlimited 1M center ramps, etc. Depending on how neutered the other things are, the 4M jackpot isn’t SO bad, since it generally requires some risk shooting at the targets.


Thanks to Free Play Florida and the raaaad broadcasting, an update to the Radical mod has been written. Features…

The kickback incident, fixed.

The Eschers dad incident, fixed. It was when the first ramp shot-free letter was the last “A”.

On (virtual) lock, with a ball already in the lock for immediate punch-out into play, the GI is kept on.

Tail slider is indicated as off at start-of-ball, if a re-lock is lit. The feature was infact off. Incorrectly indicated as available.

LA-1 patch aa9e
Download link:


Wow awesome!! I will be sure to put it in the machine from Free Play. So cool to have these games usable in tournaments. Radical is a great playfield and lots of fun to play.


Interested as to details.


Kickback-enabled is a global game state flag that was effectively or-equaled the lamp state at start-of-ball. Now it is equaled.

And why bring in a global variable in the first place. I believe it is the implemenation of the kickback grace time. To seperate the logic state and the appearence of the indicator.