New Multimorphic P3 pin: Heist!

Looks good! Congrats to @gstellenberg @Law and the Multimorphic team!
I’m guessing you guys were going to release this at TPF? :disappointed:
Looking forward to seeing/playing it in the near future.

I have been thinking of writing up a rules post on Heist. Would anyone be interested? I realize not many people has access to it, so I worry it would only be for myself.


Rules posts are always welcome IMHO, and might help convince others to try/buy the game if the rules sound interesting enough. I’m still on the fence regarding P3’s floating devices, but am also pretty intrigued by the Heist playfield and storyline. Post away…


Heck yeah!

Got to flip the Heist White wood the other day—wow! It shot super smooth. All the shots were satisfying to hit. And the crane is an incredibly impressive piece of machinery. Only learned the rules at a superficial level, but what I got to was very good. Super impressed with this release. Nice job multimorphic!