New Junk Yard software mod - version 2

The patch has been removed.


With the adjustments, do you still need the Cuckoo Clock to light/re-light the Time Machine? Is Secret Mania accessible with tournament mode on?

No change to Cuckoo clock rule. But if Time machine is already lit, it may be considered wasted. So to speak.

In Tournament play there is no Time machine from the Bus. Only other way was from plunge awards. Which is random for the short list. And then semi-random to get. This inspired the new rule to earn more Time machine modes. To go in hand with the fixed order they appear at now.

No change to Secret mania. And the oppertunity may present itself in Tournament play as well as non.

except after outer space? or did that change?

The rule stands through a trip to outer space.

That it because available again was an oversight in the first mod. And never intended.

what a pity. I liked it to play 5 video modes against Franck Bona on my Ball 3.

Oh dear.

Video modes are not really pinball.

And some can be to easy to master in game braking way.

I partially agree, but this doesn’t matter (because this isn’t the topic). I just wanted to know if he changed this from version 1 to version 2. I liked the ‘rule’, that after you played outer space you could play one more DOG in the same ball.
And I definitely prefered playing 4 outer spaces, than playing 5 DOGs…

I like video mode in pinball. An surely Sullivan likes it too as there was video mode in a lot of his games. And there was put a great efford into them. Heck, he reintroduced video mode on his games for Stern, GOT and GB. If I am not mistaken.

The video modes in Junk Yard are brilliant too. There is just too much of it. I really like JY. Great original concept. Great playfield. But found it frustrating to play in a “home play” setting. And as it was also not favoured in competition play, because of the repeatable video mode, that combined inspired to create the mod.

Now with this upgrade, if you throw your dice precisely, you will play four Dog video modes during the cause of a non-EB game. Which may be seen as plenty already. But I believe this is the best compromise. The rule is easy to explain and easy to understand and adapt to.

There IS actually a rule that makes it harder (and harder) to start the Dog video mode. But it is buggy.

The DOG completion is getting a time constraint. A rather lavish design where the DOG completion level goes backwards. Complete with stress blink on the indicators and all that. But, it is only dependent on the Run from Spike level reached. So I guess, that when Save the girl was added, this was overlooked.

Even with it adapting to the Save the girl level too, it does not make the video mode that much harder to re-start. And there is also the exploit of not completing the video modes. Just claiming the points you can. And then again.

So, the compromise is. Go to bonus-x adv. only for rest of ball. Keep it without the time constraint. And DOG (with hairdryer) is the only way to get there.