New IFPA TD dashboard

I thought there might be some questions or discussion about the new dashboard and what might be coming. Looks promising (I assume I have @Shep to thank).

For now I have one question (@pinwizj).

I submitted one of the leagues I run under the league email address, but before the new login system went in. Now I have submitted a second league under my account and email.

Can I associate multiple email addresses with my account / balance? Or can I change the email of the league I submitted in Dec to my account?

You can’t associate multiple emails addresses for any particular account.

Just email us with the event URL and the email address you want it to be moved under and we’ll do it on our side.

I’ve got something similar I’ve noticed on my dashboard. I already submitted the majority of my tournaments for the year, before the dashboard dropped. For the TD email I put my personal but for submitting results I entered in the company email, which is the same email I used for the dashboard. Should I also send the urls and such in an email to link them together? My dashboard is showing I’ve got no upcoming tournaments currently.

Yep just email us the details and we can change things on our end.