New High Speed software mod

The patch has been removed.


Not sure what I think of the inlanes yet, but the per-player jackpot is an awesome addition. Nice job!

I assume 2nd freeway still lights spinners and 3rd still lights hold bonus regardless of current inlane status?

How quickly does the jackpot build if set to progressive? It’d be pretty awesome if there was some risk/reward to collecting the jackpot since you can only do so once.

Thanks, Keefer. And thanks for the always sharp minded heads-up on rules. Highly appreciated.

Sadly, pothole’ed this one. So, guess we need a patch for the patch. Tricky stuff, this.

Keep it at “Stay” for now, guys. All standard rules on inlanes and orbits.

The “Once” added difficulty to 1K spinners and Hold bonus is bogus. But worse of all, horribly unintuitive.

I would like to add, that 1K spinners and Hold bonus is not revoked again once achieved. Achieved through repeated orbits, as it may be.

Increment in tandem with general scoring. With great indication on the display. Building on full orbit shots is the move to make, if you can juggle the balls for it.

just to make sure i get this right, the original L4 Rom on U26 is 8Kb so after path it should be burnt on a 2764 eprom while the U27 is 32Kb so it should be burnt on a 27256 eprom?

I don’t have the game just doing this for a friend :slight_smile:

The U26 ROM for High Speed is an 8KB image only. Larger capasity chips are fine. But do remember to mirror fill them.

The unfortunate slipoff is done with. Please allow a couple of days for it to dry.

The patch is updated. The link in post 1 now apoints the newest 6b05 patch, which runs orbit awards as the standard ROM does. Even when “Once” is selected.

The changes list is the full and whole documentation of the patch. Enjoy.


We need a patched rom sub group. One stop shop to see what games you have that have better tournament roms. I really need to get on this for all the sanctum games.

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And what games could really use them. It’s hard to even keep track of what hacks are out there

I agree, maybe it would be good to have a wiki’d post with all of the tournament ROMs and discussion in one easy to find place? Thanks so much for your awesome work, @soren!

If anyone here is willing to burn and ship these roms to me I’d be thrilled. Beyond my ability/equipment, and I’d love to add these to my own and the High Speed at Bluffs, especially before the IFPA worlds pre-event we’re hosting.

Will of course pay all expenses.

I am trying out for a friend, if it works out i could do another pair.

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@soren @hisokajp

Just installed these roms. Game boots fine and I can go into menus, but Adjustment 51 and 52 don’t seem to be working. 51 simply says Unused Adjustment and won’t let me change anything, and 52 says Unused as well but can increment from 0-99 but no change that I can see.

This patch is re-released with a bug fix. The download link in the top post updated. Please do not use the previous release.

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@Frisbez let me know when you want to try that again :slight_smile:

I’ll bring both sets of chips to 8 bit on Tuesday!