New Bram Stoker's Dracula custom competition ROM

The patch has been removed.

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I learned from IFPA 12 reports that Bram Stoker’s Dracula was setup with ball saver disabled. Necessity to make a brutal game even meaner. This one is for you, Josh.

I get the impression this one is different than the already-existing one that includes not screwing you out of bonus on outlane drain warning? I.e. this one doesn’t have that feature?


I’ve got the existing one (which is great BTW) in my BSD and that fix is in, so I assume that fix would carry over to this one.

You actually can’t set it up with ball saver disabled . . . the game doesn’t like it at all and weird things happen.

I think we move it down as low as possible (2 seconds maybe is the minimum).

Because BALL SAVERS ARE UNFAIR :slightly_smiling:

My BSD at home I set the Mystery to start OFF, disable the right inlane switch, and I find the game is good to go with those adjustments.

Oh, crap. I am affraid not.

More homework needed. Thought the excisting one (which I do not have myself) was the 500K Mystery only.


Agreed. I feel like this is much better than any software fix here.

Also, pausing the ball saver on pop action seems very personal preference.

I don’t think BSD needs any software attention.

What about the Warning bug where you lose bonus?

The ROM I have fixes that along with the Mystery at 500K.

Agreed on ball saver pop bumper pause though,

Not sure which one that is, but the rom I tried with those fixes a few years ago had a bug that could lock the coffin open.

the Bug on the non modified software is sometimes if you drain via an outlane and take a warning at the same time, the game doesn’t count your bonus, including any rats/bats bonus, so potentially pretty devastating.

The software I have and the one Keefer was mentioning is that fix

I’ve never had it lock the coffin open on my game.

Ball save set to off turns ball save off during mb doesn’t it? Talk about brutal…

I ran into a situation where the game got into ‘unlimited ball saver mode’ when I set it to off.

“Everlasting ball.”
“Your ball is safe with me.”
“I give you ball eternal.”


The real fix it needs is the ball sitting in the shooter lane after a castle lock during mist/coffin multiball. If player 1 has a ball locked in castle, player 2 starts mist, locks a ball in castle it will dump into shooter lane and remain there until plunged. I lost a match like that once when the rules were vague about what’s a stuck ball and what is a beneficial malfunction.


Video mode starting during the Mist ball walk is also hugely annoying.


Is this known to only happen during multiplayer games? Or can this happen in single player as well if you Castle lock 1, mist, castle lock 2?

Not sure about that…

Oh dear. Scratching the surface. Pinball is great.

It’s happened to me in a single player game.