New Big Game Code

@scochar was kind enough to make some tweaks to Big Game that I’m currently testing. See change log below. I’ll be streaming this on Thursday at 8pm eastern. Would be nice to have others experienced with big game give their thoughts!

Changelog information:
big game

modified software v04

Changes from stock roms:

Left and right spinner counts will ‘blit’ to ball
in play display. The left spinner has priority in
the case of both spinning at once. The high spin
count is not saved in any way due to nvram memory
limitations. The ball in play will return to the
display after a short interval.

The extra ball blinking control normally switches
to a solid lamp on the next ball if not collected.

This now will blink on the next ball instead.

The attract mode 7 digit countup has been sped up
slightly and the player score display will show
for a much longer period of time to make recording
of scores easier in a tournament situation.

Tilting no longer removes earned extra balls.

No more ‘tilt test’ in attract mode. (Previously
tilt would ‘work’ during attract mode)

Built-in switch test will display ALL closed
switches, not just the lowest numbered one, to assist
in finding switch matrix issues. All closed switches
will show one at a time and each run through will end
with a zero flashing in the ball in play display to
indicate that the entire switch matrix has been scanned.

On ball launch the drop banks are polled to see if
any targets are down and if none are, the drop reset
is skipped.

Changes related to DIP switches:

Background sound dip #8 changed to match manual.

Dip 8 on=background sound on
Dip 8 off=background sound off

Max credits always 99. Dips 18 and 19 repurposed.

Dip 19 is now freeplay on/off.

Dip 18 now controls a temporary lighting of all
3 cards once you roll over the lane behind the GA
standup targets. After a short time, the lit cards
will return to their previous state.

Dip 24, previously unused

On=Automatically change lit bingo cards per pattern
set by Dip 23 after a short time interval. Change
cards on playfield will still change the cards.
Off=No change from stock.

Dips 25/26 for max lines function changed.

On 5 ball play, manual description matches mod, you can
select balls 2,3,4, or 5 for the 5k/line bonus.

On 3 ball play, set dips the same way as for 5 ball
but subtract one, so you can set 5k/line bonus
on balls 1, 2, or 3. (i.e. set to ‘2’ to get ‘1’
on 3 ball play)

Dips 15-16 HSTD credits now repurposed.

Dip 16 is HSTD award

On=award 3 replays
Off=novelty mode (HSTD still recorded, but no replays)

Dip 15 is now a bonus removal setting.

On=Remove all bonus ball to ball
Off=Leave bonus ball to ball (stock)

Dip 14, previously unused

On=Remove reserve bonus on next ball, if lit
Off=Reserve bonus carries ball to ball (stock)

Stream will be at SDTMPINBALL on twitch.

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Streaming this code in 10 mins.

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Cool, thanks for sharing! Big Game is my favorite classic Stern. Not sure that I like the cards automatically changing, but like that it is adjustable. The spinner count is fricking awesome!

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Yeah I think there’s definite setting combinations with these new options that are not ideal. Just glad you can tailor it to your own liking. I thought with everything turned on the game was very balanced though.

Looks awesome. My only comment is maybe max credits 5 or 99, just in case somebody wants to operate this code? Here in Australia operators set max credits to 5.

I could put the max credits figure somewhere easy to change in the code (like the first byte of a rom) - that way when you burn the rom you can take care of it then. Not going to be in the ‘official’ releases though, sorry. There’s no more dip switches available without axing one of the coin chutes (make 2 coins chutes operate with one set of dips).

How does one get a copy of this code? I have a friend with a Big Game who might be interested.

Shoot me your email and I can send it to you. But I think you might want to wait TD or the next revision. I think Scott is going to take at least one more pass at it.

Good deal. I’ll check to see if it’s even wanted first then ping you.

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This is fantastic! Big Game is so underrated, my favourite classic widebody (okay, Paragon is pretty cool too but Big Game has way more flow). :sunglasses:

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