new #1 in the world on IFPA, Zach!

Looks like something Jorian deprecated pretty big, dropping him to 4th place! Or actually the top 4 was just that close to each other :slight_smile:

It was the decay from IFPA11 week out in Denver when Jorian won all 148 tournaments that were held that week.

Now that Zach is #1 and I won IFPA . . . time to shut it down! Wait, f*ck, I didn’t win IFPA. Carry on . . .

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While finishing 1st 2nd in the Circuit final and 1st 2nd in PAPA Classics 1 certainly helped the cause, it was really finishing 1st 2nd in PAPA A that put me over the top…

(photo credit to Gene)
(a**hole credit to Josh :grin:)


well that and still riding the massive Pinburgh win :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s really cool. Congrats!

Only one direction to go now :wink:


About 40,000 of us would love to have that problem :slight_smile:

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