Need Pinburgh Lodging Wednesday Evening

Hey all,
Like a total noob, I only booked the Westin for Thursday through Sunday thinking we would be able to make the 6 hour drive Thursday AM in time for an afternoon check in. I recently realized that check in is 9AM so now I’m room hunting. So now, even though there are Westin rooms available, the cost to book it is $300 for the one night. FML
Anyways, if anyone is dropping out and would consider trying to transfer their room to me I would really approeciate it if you let me know.

Try AirBnb?

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Why not just airbnb something cheap an hour or two away?

Or even in Pittsburgh, I see stuff for $70 to $100 per night that Wednesday.

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Hey Steve, every place I called in Pittsburgh was ~$300 for that night! So I booked in Youngstown which is about 1 hour away. I’ll keep this plan if needed but I would like to avoid the risk of hitting rush hour traffic on my thursday drive in if possible.

Not sure which of us is wrong. Could be me.

You’re saying you called places, which strongly implies you weren’t looking at airbnb listings. Right?

Yeah, I saw a bunch of single rooms for under $100, and a few for $50 or just under. I guess it might be more if you are bringing a bunch of people. I’ve always just used a single room with AirBnb and it never mattered to me if the host was there or not. Whatever is cheapest!

Right! I never heard of airbnb until just now! lol. Found one for $63 that I just might book. TYVM!

A big plus of AirBnb is definitely the cheapness.

I really like it because I can book a 2 bedroom “whole place” and share it with 2 friends and everyone gets his own space, and there’s always going to be a fridge and a real kitchen.

For next week, we’re paying ~$720 all included for 4 nights, at the same place we stayed last year. Hard to beat $60/person/night even if we have to pay for parking or Uber.*

*PS. What’s Uber? :slight_smile:

AirBnb is great. I used it a lot in Europe ($10 for a bed and a shower in Reykjavik). You’ll only be there for a night, but do make sure to read the reviews from the other people who stayed there just in case they’re not as good as they seem in the description.

yeah read reviews - if it’s a brand new person with no reviews, sometimes new folks freak out and cancel the appts last minute. I’m a host myself and travel using it quite a bit so take that for what you will, but it sucks if you get cancelled on the day you arrive, etc.

LOL, I do know of Uber. Thanks again to both of you. booked!


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Make sure to leave a review when you leave as well!

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if anyone visits san francisco and wants to stay in an AirBnB with a Shadow hit me up - also if you search for ‘pinball’ in AirBnB you can find other AirBnBs with pinball machines in them… #protip