Need advice- Pinball in New Jersey, San Francisco

Hi all,

Im making two trips this summer:

Going to New Jersey to visit Jersey Jack Pinball and the SIlverball Museum, anything other pinball destinations you could recommend in the state of New Jersey?

Im also heading out to San Francisco to visit the Pacific Pinball Museum, any other pinball related venues that are a must visit?


Free Gold Watch comes to mind in SF, as well as the Hi-Life in Oakland.

As KCB says Free Gold Watch in San Francisco and Hi-Life in Oakland are the two places to go (in addition to the museum of course!).

Free Gold Watch has large selection of machines to play and it’s where I hang out all the time.

Hi-Life is one block from the 12th st. BART station in Oakland so it’s super convenient to get to if you’re staying in San Francisco. TJ, who operates the machines at Hi-Life is called funpinball on the pinball map. He keeps all his games in tip-top shape so if you’re spending time in the East Bay go to and search for him under “operators”.

If you want to drink beer and stay in San Francisco you should probably head to Gestalt in the Mission (a block or two from 16th st. BART in SF).

Finally: If you’re into tournaments there are a ton of events being lined up for the summer. June is packed and July will get there. is the place for staying on top of Bay Area pinball events – competitive and casual.

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Awesome, thanks to you both, great suggestions!
Im heading out there to do research on a pinball exhibition that I am curating. The exhibit is scheduled to open in September of 2016. I am looking for interesting venues and individuals to feature in the exhibition catalog which will be produced in the format of a zine.