Nationals/Pinmasters TX Schedule

Hey gang!

Nationals is on 3/16, with the pingolf event 3/17-3/19.

I’m guessing that mean flights should be planned for Wed night in and Monday am leave. Is that correct? Or can players plan a late Sunday 3/19 leave and still expect to play the full pingolf event?

I’m leaving Sunday night (my flight is at 7pm). Do pinball tournaments usually run late or something?? :slight_smile:

We’ve been done by about 4pm the last couple of years, so I wouldn’t anticipate needing to stay until Monday morning.

I would plan on getting in Wednesday night if you’re playing in Nationals. With practice time at 10am, I wouldn’t personally risk flight issues leaving that morning and running into trouble.

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I just booked a 2-bedroom Airbnb that’s exactly 2 miles from Fun in Mesquite, Wednesday night through Sunday morning. The total was $420, and I’m looking to split it with another player. PM me if you’re interested.

Cheap hotel options appear to be in the ~$60 range. For $53/night, I like the idea of having more space, a kitchen, etc.

A rental car split is also possible. Trying to save some money because flights from Vermont are a bit more than I was hoping or expecting.

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I will be staying down town Dallas, haven’t been before so may walk around and check the scene :slight_smile:

I am planning on driving from Florida. I would work something out with you in regards to splitting a room and you having the use of transportation without having to rent a car.

My AirBNB slots are taken. Thanks for the offer. Safe travels.