Nationals Blizzardpocalypse

I was scheduled to fly out of Vermont tomorrow morning so I could play in Nationals Thursday and Pinmasters Friday. Because of the pending blizzard, my flight just got canceled. There are no available flights, either here or at the next closest airports (Albany NY and Manchester NH) tomorrow. This means no Nationals for me.

As of right now, I could reschedule to fly to Dallas starting Thursday morning. But there are no local flights available, and I’d have to drive to Albany or Manchester to do it. And it’s pretty likely these flights could be delayed or canceled anyhow.

Anyone else in the northeast going through something similar? Anyone want to talk me into attempting to salvage the Pin-Masters portion of my trip?

Dang dude that sucks. When it snows in the northeast, it just gets dumped on :frowning:

Fly to Florida today. Lay in the sun, get relaxed for Thursday. Fly from Florida to Dallas tomorrow.


No flights available today or I’d be on one. :frowning:

I’m going to be at the airport all day tomorrow and attempt to stand by for any flight tomorrow that gets me to Dallas. I’m not terribly optimistic, but we’ll see what happens.

Most or all flights are canceled tomorrow, and the Thursday flights are already 100% full because of all the rescheduling.

Drive to Pittsburgh today. The storm missed us :smiley:

There are flights out of pittsburgh to DFW direct tomorrow still available

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There’s a good amount of them too, so you can fit one in that works for you. The perks of DFW being an American hub.

EDIT - Of course - no snow all day, all snow at night.