I started a petition on for the U.S. Senate to recognize a NATIONAL PINBALL DAY on August 1st in honor of the birthday of Roger Sharpe, who’s crucial testimony in 1976 shaped the destiny of pinball for generations. Please sign the petition and share it around. Let’s make it happen this year in time for Pinburgh!!



That’s actually my birthday as well.


Awesome! More good reason to have it on August 1st!


Unfortunately it looks like they ran out of steam or interest. Also, would have been helpful to set a date on the actual DATE for a National Pinball Day. The day of the NYC council hearing and Roger Sharpe’s testimony is not 100% verified (best Roger remembers it was early April 1976). I figure set it on a date that celebrates Roger Sharpe and have it during the largest pinball tournament in the world… should get some good attention that way!