Mustang Burnout Multiball?

Based on Pinball Expo video, is the only way to start this MB how Jack described it:

  • Complete one of the top three car modes, and then use the Mystery Ford shot to the left ramp/ bowl to “select” Burnout MB as an award?
  • Is there another way to qualify Burnout MB?

Burnout MB rules:

  • after the first stage of this CFTBL-like MB which qualifies the JP at the captive ball, you can shoot the left ramp to feed the bowl and increase the JP value to what value? In the video, it’s suggested that it goes up 20M? per letter of BURNOUT spelled in the bowl. Is this correct?
  • To collect this increased JP value, after fully spellling BURNOUT, you shoot the left ramp, the diverter feeds it to the L flipper instead of the bowl, and you must immediately combo into the captive ball for a juicy JP value of ???
    Is this correct?

You light Burnout Multiball by hitting the captive ball four times.

you’re right about the combo jackpot he was explaining.

One thing though is that you can collect a regulat jackpot any time after you “find the girl” (left ramp, captive ball, right orbit are all lit and one of those shots will randomly be the one to light the jackpot). I don’t know if spelling burnout builds the jackpot value, but Jack’s point was that once burnout is spelled that the combo jackpot will be qualified…left ramp to captive ball. It’s awesome when it happens :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bowen and Evan.
Evan, what’s the value of the combo jackpot that you’ve collected?

20 million…

Just moved mustang in and wanted to check on burnout multiball rules.

3 jackpots at beginning are all 200k. The left ramp then diverts to cup to spell out burnout for the combo jackpot, and the captive ball lights for a 10 million collect. If you spell burnout, the diverter will move to the left flipper and the combo jackpot at the captive ball will be 20 million. After a certain number of pop bumper hits, the same sequence will start again, with the only difference being the combo jackpot at 40 million…then 60, then 80.

The regular jackpot increases by 5 million after each pop bumper relight: 10, 15, 20…etc…

Take burnout when it comes, but overall I think it’s a better point opportunity to bring a mode into a gear shift multiball. BTW, i do not think mode shots count during mustang multiball, I could be wrong about this but I’ve come out of the multiball having to shoot the same shots in single ball play on cruisin’.