Most entertaining games to use in a 3 day qualifying, World Championship Herb Tournament

My 5 stages of grief have ended, and it’s time to move on and embrace the changes. I see some are still stuck at #3 (bargaining) and #4 (depression), but come over to acceptance, my friends and enjoy the peace. I believe that scores in the A division of PAPA 20 are going to be insanely high. With that in mind, let’s come up with some entertaining titles that hold the potential to produce daunting top 20 point cliffs only achievable by doing the thing

I will start off with the “captain” of this team, Fish Tales! What was once Monster Fish All Day (with hopefully a Video Mode and Rock The Boat thrown in) in the safe confines of a PAPA-style (RIP!) ticket turns into how many top players can get to the 200/300/400/500 and yes, even 600 Million Super JP levels!! 10 scores over a billion ? 20 scores over a billion ? Some, of course, will depend on how evil the game is set up, but really, given enough tries, Shirley we will see some Monster scores without nary a Monster Fish in sight.


Creature from the Black Lagoon comes to mind.

Creech would certainly produce many monster scores, but I don’t think folks would play it any differently than they would on a PAPA-style (RIP) ticket. Most would still be going for JPs and SJPs, I think. I’m more interested in the games that have a super risky/super reward component that would rarely/never be attempted on a PAPA-style (RIP) ticket, but suddenly becomes viable with our buddy, Herb.

I’m afraid to reply at risk of you disagreeing with my game!

Just playing. Iron man Do or Die has to be on the list.


I think the new format would motivate players to try for the maximum multiplier they might ever be able to achieve for their jackpots, as opposed to just grinding non-multiplied jackpots and super jackpots.

And for the extra elite players, that would mean balancing the effects of the multiplier bug at the same time.


Song Jackpots getting pushed way beyond reasonable cashout levels.


I think GB could be entertaining on a couple of levels. Two of the three guys who’ve GC’d the pro near me have said they have no idea what they did. Both good (not great) players who weren’t very familiar with the game and just happened to blow it up for one game. Evening out pop bumper awards (tourney mode) could slow these guys down, but…

Players who have a clue are finding some interesting ways to use the multipliers. Skill shots in the billions and final scores in the 20B range. Could we find out how many points it takes to roll a Spike game?


Excellent points! I withdraw my concerns and support your nomination. :slight_smile:


Most people qualifying on mustang go for gear 6 anyways, but if mustang is in the bank it’s much less of a risky ticket buster. Definitely would have a line of people waiting to cash that in and then leave the game alone after that.

I’m thinking WH20, triple jackpot with 5x playfield.


I play Iron Man in unlimited qualifying way different than match play, going for the DoD hurryup primarily. Since you have to do it all in one ball, you want to get halfway on most of the stuff before going past the point of no return and trying to light the hurry up.

Looks something getting whiplash and iron man “close”, raising monger, lighting / starting war machine with monger up, then playing monger mb. After falling out of that it’s trying to finish off whiplash / iron man without draining.

A failed attempt at the hurry up may still give you a shot to play Jericho for some decent points, at least. Or maybe you get to play it on the same ball after collecting the hurry-up for the ultimate “do the thing”.

Yeah, I immediately thought of IM. Do or Die with 2x running for the slam dunk.

Joining the Cirqus on CV would do it for sure.

Stacking Prison, Blood Bath, and Riot with 2x going and some inlaneX love on TWD would be a crusher.

… On the old ROMs where you actually can get 10x/15x jackpots.

Multipliers can also apply to the +10% portion of your skillshot. So, get 6x ready but don’t start it, drain your ball, then start your 6x next ball after the plunge, and collect a skill shot for +60% of your score.

Even better if you shoot the easy right orbit for an additional +60%, since that’s usually the additional +10%.


Bride of Pinbot? Or is that simply too easy for the tippy top players? I know among my friends the ones who can make even a single billion shot will never lose to the ones who can’t :slight_smile:

Edit: My mistake, you were wondering about games people would suddenly play differently. There’s only one way to play BoP. I thought we were just looking for big scores from chopping wood. Oops. In this case change my answer to Metallica I guess.

Ha. Why didn’t I think of this? Great strat! And quite difficult to set up AND execute (if you miss either of the 2x and 3x standup, you hit a different major shot and void your attempt at the R orbit Super Skill.

Guilty. :frowning:

Metallica CIU modes will become even more exciting and tense than they already are.

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Yeah, once I realized what the actual question was I thought of Metallica right away :relaxed:


It’s theoretically interesting, but admittedly really impractical. The easiest way to get 6x lit in the first place is the K skillshot, which is pretty hard to make to begin with. And then since you’ve already used ball 2’s skillshot to light the multipliers, you’d effectively be sacrificing a ball (or at least just deliberately avoiding starting the multipliers) just for the chance that you could +60% or +120% your score on ball 3, as well as forgoing the opportunity cost of anything else you could’ve gotten with 6x.

I suppose it could work if you had a massive ball 1 and just wanted to almost literally double-up on that. :slight_smile:

One rarely seen: Starship Troopers - - going for Klendathu rather than Orbit MB all day.

TOTAN, with Harem muted - - going for Genie Battle rather than spinner or MB. Or go bizarre and leave Harem on full.

Metallica CIU - - not cashing in early.

Paragon with no EBs - - gotta do that superbonus on ball 1 or else your 5X is futile. [Won’t work on HG, too many spinner points there.]