Midwest Gaming Classic 2020

Hey everyone!

I just bought my VIG tickets to the MGC 2020 (here’s hoping for a snow-free weekend).

I don’t see anything there yet about pinball tournaments. I attended last year and did well on day 1 but couldn’t make it back for day 2. They had 4 pairs of machines set up to submit entries to qualify with F-14 Tomcat, Harlem Globetrotters, Iron Man + ??? forgot last one… maybe it was only 3 pairs.

anyways - I know Dan Loosen & co. do an excellent job of putting on a show that appeals to the masses of all things gaming.

Last year the Willy Wonka was the star of the pinball show – this year it will be undoubtedly the Rick & Morty pinball machine from Spooky. Spooky has confirmed to me via email that they will have a presence and machines at MGC to play.

Any word on who’s organizing the pinball tournament this year? Format? Length etc? I would love if it were similar to how Expo did it last fall with the “pinball lounge” setting and the neverdrains software. It made for the best pinball tournament experience I’ve had.

Hey all since this posting now I’m worried if there will be an MGC this year period. Hope everyone is staying healthy out there in pinball land…

A post on Pinside from Goatdan a week ago:

Tournaments very soon will be up. Waiting on the go ahead on one thing. The preview is we will have a changed format that will make the tournament more competitive and potentially handle 300+ people in the main tournament!

And this in a post further down:

Qualifying will be Friday 6-Midnight & Saturday 10am-8pm for the Main Tournament

And, it looks like full rules have been posted here: https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/midwest-pinball-championship-rules/

Not sure if I’m reading it right, but it looks like it’s free and you only get 6 entries?

Thank you @Jokton! I need to comb through Pinside more often.