Midwest Gaming Classic 2018 in Milwaukee, WI


I didn’t see any posts about MGC for this year so here goes. This year it has gotten way bigger and has moved to the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. www.midwestgamingclassic.com

Plus I have kicked in some scratch and am now a sponsor (promoting the YouTube channel I am part of, Pinball Mayhem). Support the events you like right?

Here’s a link to our MGC announcement video (with outtakes at the end)

I went to MGC for the first time last year for all 3 days and it was great. But I wasn’t going to go this year, until the announcement of the new venue and all the extra stuff going on. Plus now that I am creating pinball videos this year’s show is really got me pumped.

Hope you can make it.


Here’s a video showing what pin I’m bringing to MGC this year.



Mgc was a great time despite the snow storm. I will be adding several videos to this thread. Enjoy


First up playfield views & game play of Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle. note this is still beta code & me and my friend are not the best players.


Next up playfield views & game play of Iron Maiden Pro. The sound is great on the game play footage since we used the shot gun mic


Time for Houdini - ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

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Great Show! A few things Marco, Should attach game purchasing rules to the invoice or email chain, several of us had never purchased a show game before and or never seen the posting of the rules. Also be a little more forgiving for extreme weather situations.


For your viewing pleasure - The Pabst Can Crusher - check out the awesome Dirty Donny artwork!


Here are the last 2 gameplay videos I have from MGC Enjoy

Jeremy & the Pinball Mayhem crew