Midwest Gaming Classic 2018 in Milwaukee, WI

I didn’t see any posts about MGC for this year so here goes. This year it has gotten way bigger and has moved to the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. www.midwestgamingclassic.com

Plus I have kicked in some scratch and am now a sponsor (promoting the YouTube channel I am part of, Pinball Mayhem). Support the events you like right?

Here’s a link to our MGC announcement video (with outtakes at the end)

I went to MGC for the first time last year for all 3 days and it was great. But I wasn’t going to go this year, until the announcement of the new venue and all the extra stuff going on. Plus now that I am creating pinball videos this year’s show is really got me pumped.

Hope you can make it.


Here’s a video showing what pin I’m bringing to MGC this year.


Mgc was a great time despite the snow storm. I will be adding several videos to this thread. Enjoy

First up playfield views & game play of Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle. note this is still beta code & me and my friend are not the best players.

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Next up playfield views & game play of Iron Maiden Pro. The sound is great on the game play footage since we used the shot gun mic

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Time for Houdini - ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

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Great Show! A few things Marco, Should attach game purchasing rules to the invoice or email chain, several of us had never purchased a show game before and or never seen the posting of the rules. Also be a little more forgiving for extreme weather situations.

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For your viewing pleasure - The Pabst Can Crusher - check out the awesome Dirty Donny artwork!


Here are the last 2 gameplay videos I have from MGC Enjoy

Jeremy & the Pinball Mayhem crew


Here’s some long videos showing the layout of the show and what it had to offer. Enjoy.

First one (15min)

Second one (20 min)

3rd one (30 min)

Forgot to add this very short fun one (about 1 min long)