Metallica wiki rulesheet

This rulesheet is based off of the work of Adam Kiesler and others.
I asked permission from him to post it here for editing and he was ok with this.
Updated for code version 1.80 which dramatically changed the rules for The End of the Line.
I’ve kept most all of the content and formatted it for a wiki entry, which meant removing code changelogs and references to older code versions.

Manufactured by Stern Pinball, 2013.
Design: John Borg
Software: Lyman F. Sheats Jr., Lonnie D. Ropp, Mike Kyzivat
Art: Donny GIllies
Dots/Animation: Mark Galvez, Tom Kyzivat, Jack Liddon, Kelly Mazurowski, Rory O’Donnell, Scott Melchionda

Latest code revision: V1.80.0 - November 16, 2018


Hit FUEL standups to add letters in FUEL.
Complete FUEL and fuel is added to your meter visible via lighted inserts in center of playfield.
Spell FUEL once, and the dead end shot (extreme left) is lit for timed double scoring (20 seconds, expires on drain)
Fill FUEL meter to activate FUEL mode - fast/double scoring mode on a timer - add FUEL by hitting standups. Run out of FUEL and mode ends.
During FUEL mode, any switch builds jackpot to be collected at dead end (500,000 max).
Outside FUEL mode, dead end awards 250,000 + a small bonus for any lit circles at dead end (by completing pop bumpers).
Ending a combo in the FUEL lane will award one blown piston for each circle lit via pop hits.
10 blown pistons lights extra ball.

Coffin Hurry Up

Collecting Coffin Hurry Ups helps progress faster towards the Crank It Up modes and is required for qualifying the Seek and Destroy mode.

To collect a hurry up you have to:

  1. select shot with red spider arrow (Red on Pro, Blue on Premium/LE models) by shooting it once (red arrows are your ‘selectors’)
  2. once an arrow is selected it will turn red.
  3. then you must collect each of the three inserts in that lane (electric chair, snake, and grave marker) by hitting each of the Sparky, Snake, and Grave shots.
  4. once you have collected all 3 inserts, the red arrow and all inserts will strobe
  5. hit the lane once more to activate hurry up
  6. the coffin will strobe. hit captive ball to collect hurry up (starts at 1.5 mil and counts down)
    Multiple hurry-ups can be started / collected at once for at least double the award.

Once you have collected a hurry up, all three inserts for that shot (or shots) will light solidly, indicating that shot is completed.
if you complete a hurry up, progress will be saved from ball to ball.
if you do not complete it, progress will be lost.
Lighting all three inserts for the main shots has the huge benefit of also accruing a hit on each of the snake, grave marker, and sparky to count towards Crank It Up mode.


For each multiball, completing the guitar pick targets during multiball lights the snake
for a timed ball lock. Shooting the snake the first time locks the
ball and awards add-a-ball. While the ball is locked, all playfield
scores are 2X. Completing the guitar pick targets again while the
ball is locked in the snake will reset the timer. Once the timer
expires, the ball is released from the lock and playfield scores go
back to 1X. The ball can be re-locked for 2X playfield scores by
completing the guitar pick targets and shooting the snake, but an
additional ball will not be put into play.

  • snake lock can be combined with FUEL for 4x scoring and HUGE scores.

Electric Chair Multiball

Song: Creeping Death

Hit sparky 10 times to light multiball. (This can be less if you hit Sparky dead center)
When one shot is remaining, Sparky will taunt you and all three inserts will strobe.
During multiball, fill Sparky’s power meter by hitting lit jackpot shots.
The jackpot shots are the flashing electric chair inserts on the left and right orbits and the Sparky shot.
Base jackpot value starts at 275,000 and increases by 2,500 before the super jackpot is collected and 5000 after the first super jackpot is collected. [ do shots with lit electric chair inserts affect the shot incrementer too? ]
Collect enough jackpots to fill the power meter completely, and center shot will strobe for a super jackpot.
The super jackpot base value is 1.5M and increases by 10,000 for each jackpot and super jackpot, up to 2M. [ do hits to Sparky increase SJP more than 10k? what about add-a-ball from snake? ]
Completing the super jackpot electrocutes a Sparky character.
There is a progress bar for each Sparky character, and 7 characters to electrocute in total.
After the seventh is electrocuted, the orbits, ramps, and Sparky are all lit for super jackpots valued at a max of 2M.

Grave Marker Multiball

Song: Master of Puppets

Each grave marker hit adds to your end of ball bonus multiplier.
Knock down the 3 inline drops each for 25k to expose grave marker.
Hit once for 50k and it will begin to strobe, hit a second time for 50k and magnet will hold ball for a 2-ball multiball.
Hit any 5 flashing grave marker shots (orbits, ramps) to qualify double jackpot at the grave marker.
Each grave marker shot starts at a base of 216,000.
The grave marker target jackpot starts at a base of 275,000 (?) and increases by 2,500 for every lit grave market shot and by 7,500 for each hit to the grave market target.
The lit grave marker shots increase by 2,000 plus 2,000 times the number of grave market target jackpots (resets upon super jackpot). [verify]
Once you have made enough grave marker shots, the grave marker will strobe for double the grave market target jackpot. Hitting the grave market target will cause the magnet to hold the ball. You have a limited amount of time (15-20 seconds) to knock the ball off the magnet for a SUPER JACK BLEEPING POT.
The super jackpot is worth 1M plus the value of the grave market target jackpot. Each made grave market shot while the ball is held on the magnet adds to the value of the super jackpot.
After the super jackpot is collected, the # of grave marker jackpots to qualify the double jackpot increases by 1, so, first, 5, then 6, 7, 8, and so on.

Subsequent multiballs require more hits to the grave marker as indicated by DMD. The grave markers will be worth 25k plus 2,500 times the number of grave multiballs played and increment your bonus X by 1.

Snake Multiball

Song: Sad but True

Hit snake to add letters in SNAKE.
After the first hit, you must relite the Snake each time by shooting any lit snake insert shot. Each time you shoot the Snake, it will solidly light the inserts on the shot that is currently selected (spider insert) along with the shot to either side of the selected shot (total of 3). I don’t know if it lights a different snake insert if one of the three shots that would have its snake insert lit has already been lit.
Complete letters in SNAKE and a white LED flasher behind the Snake will you let know multiball is ready.
Shoot once more to activate Snake for 2-ball multiball.
Score jackpots by shooting the snake or any lit snake insert.
Super jackpot is at the Snake, value determined by how many snake insert shots you hit prior to hitting the Snake.

Coffin Multiball

Song: For Whom the Bell Tools

Coffin lock is qualified by captive ball hits.
5 hits to lite lock one, then 10 hits to light each subsequent lock.
Locks can not be collected while in multiball on default settings. However, captive ball hits do count towards next lock if the lock is not lit.
Jackpots alternate between coffin and flashing red arrows.
Score enough jackpots and you will be awarded a super.


Seek and Destroy

To qualify Seek and Destroy, you have to collect all 5 hurry ups → Left orbit, grave marker, left ramp, right ramp, right orbit.

You get a nice intro animation and call out, then the band rips into the thrash part of the song.
Timer counts down as the band plays on stage.
One lane will strobe, this is your ‘SEEK’ (also indicated on DMD)
Hit the lane for a jackpot and to add time, and the coffin shot will strobe.
Hit the coffin, this is your ‘DESTROY’, and you are awarded a super jackpot and a new animation / callout.
Repeat until time runs out or you lose your ball.
During the mode, any non-lit spider arrow will score a mini jackpot (250,000 and grows each shot).
At the end of ball or round, you will see your SEEK AND DESTROY total.
If it beats the current record, you make the scoreboard.

And Justice for All…

Spell METALLICA by hitting ramps to activate mode.
Shoot any major shot to collect increasing awards as displayed on DMD. Values are MUCH higher if you alternate shots between right side and left side of playfield.
Orbit up post is disabled for loops.


This mode is started by collecting all 4 band members by hitting all 4 stand-up targets.
Completing the fourth band member requires four completions of the stand-up targets.

For the Blackened mode you have to complete the Guitar Pick targets to light the shots for points. The base starts at 1M and goes up each time you hit a target. The value for each target is 250K + some small increment for each target hit. However unlike most other values in the game, the Blackened mode adds the multiplied value to the base (1M). So if you hit a target with 2x scoring running, it will add +~500k. Times 4 targets and you have 1M + ~2M = 3M which you can then collect with the multiplier.


Huge scoring potential modes, but also high risk because they are single-ball play modes with a short ball-save to start each mode. CIU modes are timed, but they are around 5-6 minutes each, so don’t feel any pressure to shoot your shots quickly. Crank It Up (CIU) mode scoring both immediately awards the points, as well as accumulates an identical amount in a CIU Collect value (similar to ACDC’s Song Jackpot), which you can choose to cash out or continue during the mode. Choosing to “Collect” from the right scoop – when qualified – during a CIU mode will immediately end your CIU mode.

To qualify the first crank it up mode, 12 hits (adjustable) are required for each of the following:
Grave marker, electric chair, snake, and coffin. Each subsequent CIU requires 1 additional hit (ie. 13,14,15 – this is also adjustable in settings)
Coffin requires 12 captive ball hits, while all others can be scored by the associated shot or a lit corresponding insert on a ramp, loop, or grave marker. The captive ball will award 2 coffins instead of one if hit quickly after rolling through one of the inlanes.

When you’ve collected enough of each Item, the DMD and game sound will notify you that it’s ready, and the 4 Item inserts above the flippers will begin pulsing. If you’re in single-ball play (or when you return to single-ball play), a blue flashing light above the right scoop will signal that CIU is qualified. Shoot the scoop, and then choose from any of the four CIU modes (that you haven’t yet played) using flipper buttons. You may also choose a relatively low value of points (5M) instead of starting a CIU mode, aptly named “Crank It Down” by many players. CIU can only be started in single ball play, but you can make progress toward your next CIU during single-ball or multiball play.

For Whom The Bell Tolls:

  • All flashing Item insert shots will be lit for jackpot shots. Shoot each one three times to complete the mode. Larger JP values are given whenever you complete a “column” of inserts or a “row” of inserts (think of the set of 5 shots with 3 inserts each as a 5 column x 3 row grid).
  • Hit flashing shots. Seems to be the highest scoring mode on the Pro.
  • Complete all 15 inserts to score the Completion Bonus of around 15M.

Fade to Black:

  • Jackpot value collected based on switch hits.
  • One shot will be lit for full value jackpot, then usually changes to different shot if you collect it.
  • You also get jackpots for “free” based on getting a certain # of switch hits, so shooting the loops to get to the pops (plus spinner hits on Prem/LE) is a good tactic.
  • Fill the vertical progress bar on the screen through combination of jackpots and switch hits to complete the mode.


  • Sparky bash mode. Each time you bash Sparky, it lights other shots electric chair inserts for jackpots.
  • Generally the least favored CIU mode.

Enter Sandman:

  • This is a controlled, sharpshooting mode. On-the-fly play does not work as well in this mode.
  • Three random inserts on the ramps/loops/cross will be flashing. You must shoot a shot with at least one of the flashing inserts to get a full value jackpot and light that insert(s) solidly.
  • Each time you hit ANY switch, the 3 inserts that are lit will change to new random non-solidly lit positions.
  • If 2 or 3 inserts are flashing on the same shot, and you shoot that shot, it will award you a 2x/3x jackpot and 2x/3x progress value.
  • Solidly light all the inserts to score the completion bonus.

CIU can be used to achieve monster scores and/or progress to END OF THE LINE wizard mode.
To collect your CIU super jackpot and exit out of CIU, you only have to hit each of the 4 CIU Item shots once (Cross, Chair, Coffin, Snake), and finish at the scoop.
Any ramp or loop will award some points and small progress toward completion, but much higher values and greater progress awarded for hitting flashing shots. Completing each mode will award a finishing bonus of around 15mil.

NOTE: CIU mode Completion Bonus is not the same as the CIU Collect. After you “complete” a CIU mode, you can still continue playing the mode in victory laps style. But at that point, you should be cashing out your Collect and ending your CIU mode.

After hitting the 4 major shots, followed by the scoop, you have the option to end the mode and cash out, or continue playing (L flipper button to Collect, R flipper button to Continue). Great risk/reward feature. Try to stack 2x scoring with the cash-out for huge scores. In addition to scoring your Collect value, choosing to end the mode will give you the opportunity to re-collect 1/4 value of your CIU collected super jackpot by hitting all lit spider arrow shots, followed by the scoop. This CIU reprise takes place during both single ball play or multiball, but doesn’t carry over to your next ball.

If you are playing to reach EOTL, exiting CIU quickly and relighting it is the way to go. But keep in mind that your EOTL SJP values are based on your CIU mode Collect values.

Note: Seek & Destroy, Justice for All, Fuel, and Blackended can all be carried into CIU (Justice For All + For Whom the Bell Tolls is a great stack!)

END OF THE LINE [Spoiler Alert]


Wizard mode that requires starting all 4 Crank It Up modes to qualify it – you do not need to have either Completed nor successfully Collected/Ended any CIU modes at the scoop. Qualify a 5th Crank It Up and hit the scoop to start The End of the Line. TEOTL is timed, but it’s a 7 minute, 51 second song, so you’ve got plenty of time to cash in all those hard-earned points.

At the start of TEOTL, you receive a hefty bonus for all the items you’ve collected in the game. I believe it’s 1M per # of Items collected throughout your game.

This wizard mode starts with 2 balls in play and 1 random shot lit for a Jackpot. Note that TEOTL continues even if you drain down to a single ball! Collect the JP to light a roving Super Jackpot. Once you collect the SJP, an add-a-ball plus ball-save is awarded and you return to the JP phase, but with one additional JP shot lit/required to qualify your next SJP. You can repeat this cycle until you complete it with all 6 shots lit for JPs. After the final SJP, it seems like you enter a “Victory Laps”-esque phase where all shots award JPs and no additional SJPs are possible.

During each new multiball JP phase, you can qualify/shoot the Snake for Add-a-Ball and timed 2x scoring, similar to the rules in other multiballs.

Each “Nth” SJP in TEOTL re-awards you the cumulative total from “N” CIU modes you played (awarded in the same order that you played the CIU modes). Example: if you played For Whom The Bell Tolls first, and Fade to Black second, then your 2nd TEOTL SJP = FWTBT + FTB mode score totals. The 5th and 6th TEOTL SJP value “wrap around” your CIU mode totals in the SJP formula, so you’ll get 2x your 1st CIU mode and 2x your 2nd CIU mode total added in, respectively. Both Piston target and Snake Add-a-ball playfield multipliers are in play, so you can 2x or even 4x TEOTL SJP values! The scoring potential here is astronomical!

But wait, there’s more…
You can qualify the scoop for a TEOTL “Collect” by collecting each of the 4 Item symbols (just like the normal CIU modes). However, you can only Collect in single-ball play of TEOTL (the blue CIU light will remain solid to indicate that Collect is qualified, if multiple balls are still in play). If you have a juicy Collect value, it’s absolutely worth it to trap up and intentionally drain down to a single ball in order to collect it; expect to see collect values of 1B or more if you’ve collected all 6 SJPs!
Presumably, the TEOTL Collect can be doubled via Piston 2x PF (but not 4x PF, because the Snake 2x only applies during multiball). Similar to CIU modes, if you choose to Collect your TEOTL value at the scoop, your TEOTL wizard mode ends, and you keep playing your ball.

Skill Shots

Shoot flashing rollover to score skillshot value (200,000 to start, grows each ball). The right rollover awards 2X value.

Super Skill Shot - Holding the left flipper disables the orbit up-post and activates the super skill shot which can be collected by hitting any major shot (including the scoop, the captive ball, the snake, and sparky).

Special super skill shots:

  • Collecting a super skill shot at the dead end lane will immediately qualify a 2x playfield upon your next shot to the dead end
  • Collecting a super skill shot at the scoop will immediately award a Mystery
  • Collecting a super skill shot at the shot with the lit spider arrow and flashing inserts will immediately qualify that shot for a hurry-up. The lit shot is chosen randomly at the start of the ball (in competition mode it will always be the left orbit)
  • If you plunge to the upper lanes, you will be awarded 2X the value of a standard skillshot (4X if you plunge to the right lane!)

Any Super Skill Shot adds points to the base value of your next Skill Shot. I believe the Super Hurry-Up Skill Shot adds a higher amount of points to the base value.


FUEL, And Justice for All, Blackened, and Seek & Destroy can be carried into, or activated during, any multiball and are vital to high scores.
If you start Coffin MB first you can stack one (and only one) additional multiball - Electric Chair, Snake, or Grave Marker.
If you start Electric Chair, Snake, or Grave Marker MB first, then you cannot stack in another MB.

Complete all 5 rollover lanes to lite Mystery.
Complete the rollovers multiple times for better awards, up to level 4.
Shoot scoop when Mystery is lit to collect random award.
Also useful during multiball to hold a ball for a few seconds while animation runs.
Mystery animation can be skipped by pressing both flippers.


Combos can be ended at the ‘Dead End’ switch behind the FUEL lane switch for combo jackpots.
Complete 20 combos to become scoreboard ‘Combo Champion’
Complete 20 combos to lite extra ball.

Extra Balls

Hit captive ball 15 times (+/- depending on settings) to lite Extra Ball at scoop. Another extra ball is awarded for every 100 hits to the captive ball. Shoot scoop to collect.

Other extras balls can be awarded from hitting 20 combos or 10 blown piston shots.


Collect 3 band members to light outlane special.


Yes I would love to know how to get a snake multiball super

-Also for the combo jackpot, I think it starts at 500k and goes up 250k every time (same ball)

-would love to read more about the blackened mode. I was in it once, and it felt like it was its own crank it up mode in which I was stuck in it. The crank it up light was lit for some sort of collect, and it would extend the timer.

-For the ‘and justice for all’ mode, I believe if you do shots on alternating sides of the playfield you’ll get higher value in the shots. (600k vs 300k maybe)

-as i found out on here earlier, once you have completed seek and destroy, all of the lit items become unlit and you have to complete them again to get items.

Its a wiki, feel free to edit it!

OOPS I’m new Greg :slight_smile:

Updated stacking section

Added a bunch of detail to CIU modes, Snake inserts, and a nugget about Lady Justice mode.

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Seek and Destroy CAN be stacked with Blackened as i have done this several times.

Today I learned that the fuel target is one long target. My life is a lie.


Let this thread… Live again! (briefly)

Noticed that most pro versions do not lock the ball in the snake as it should during multiball 2x scoring, even though the DMD says it should be locked. The Premium/LE version seems to lock the ball in the snake.

Is it meant to be that way in the pro version which means that the DMD is sending out wrong information, or is it a bug in the game code for the pro version?

It’s a setting. You’re seeing the factory default behavior. Not sure why it should default to different behavior than the Premium, but there ya go.

Ahh… explains it then, thanks :slight_smile:

I believe it’s to cater to operators, to prevent the accidental two balls getting jammed in the snake on the Pro on location. Vs the Prem/LE where the snake jaw can close, blocking off another ball from getting stuck with the first.

As mentioned, if a Pro is in your home or at a location with active Tech help to free stuck balls, then set the Pro to the intended MET design of locking the ball in the snake. It certainly adds to the enjoyment of the game.

And thankfully MET’s during-Multiball ball lock is much more difficult to qualify and execute than the ridiculously easy and overpowering Groot 2x/3x Locks.


Hey, while this thread is briefly resurfaced. Can someone explain the “snake combo” that appears on the DMD during snake multi ball? I see it say things like “Snake combo at 2x”, but haven’t gotten a chance to confirm what that actually means.

From the README for v1.2:

Each snake icon shot on the playfield starts a snake combo which can be collected at the snake. The first shot lights the snake for 2x the value, the second shot lights the snake for 3x the value, etc. Once the combo value is collected at the snake, the combo is stopped and the next snake shot will start the combo multiplier at 3x. The multiplier is capped at 5x.

Also from the README for v1.7:
After collecting 3 (adjustable) snake combo jackpots, all shots are lit for super jackpot until the end of the multiball.


If I have all three lights lit up at the fuel lane and end a combo there, do I get three blown pistons?

You should but there is a bug where you do not. You always get just 1 blown piston no matter how many lights are lit / flashing. I asked Lyman about it and he said, “I thought I fixed that. I will look into that bug again.”


Bummer, but good to know. Thanks!

What’s the difference between the premium/le vs pro here. I think I noticed in a couple video recordings (including @sk8ball’s) that the premium/le captive ball hit count behaves differently than on the pro?

Is it this? On pro, the captive ball counter can be advanced during MBs, but lock can’t be collected. The hits that count toward building lock seem top stop counting up while it is lit for lock, and can’t be advanced further till that lock is collected (out of MB)?

Then on the premium, the hits can build past the lock point so that you can feasibly lock 1 ball, then hit the captive again and lock another if you’ve advanced that far?

By default, Pre and Pro work the same. You can advance to where a lock is ready but not collected.

There’s a setting in the Pre that allows you to collect locks. Not sure that this setting is in the Pro. [And that’s really weird, given that I own a Pro and not a Pre.)