Metallica Crank it Up: a new thought regarding 2x scoring

When I’m trying to get a high score on Metallica, I focus on getting to Crank it Up. Ideally, I’ll build up the CIU jackpot to a reasonably big number, then I’ll try to get 2x scoring from FUEL, then I’ll try to cash out a CIU 2x jackpot.

However, it might make more sense to get 2x scoring as soon as possible after starting the CIU mode. Every shot will be worth 2x of what it would otherwise be (e.g., 4 million rather than 2 million) and will also raise the CIU jackpot by two times the normal amount. So even if I cash out the CIU jackpot when 2x scoring is no longer running, I’ll still essentially get twice the jackpot cashout value. And, of course, getting 2x scoring running while I build the jackpot and collect points works as a hedge against draining before the CIU jackpot collect happens.

Here’s a quick example of scoring for my traditional strategy:
2 million starting value (?)
30 million in the mode
(get 2x scoring)
64 million point CIU jackpot collect
CIU mode total: 96 million points

And here’s a quick example of scoring for the new strategy:
2 million starting value (?)
(get 2x scoring)
60 million in the mode (30 million worth of shots, but all at 2x)
60 million point collect
CIU mode total: 124 million points

If I fail to collect the CIU jackpot, my old strategy nets 32 million points (or some number below that when the ball drains); the new strategy nets 62 million points (or some number below that when the ball drains).

Also note that I could still try to get a 2X CIU jackpot collect with the new strategy, either with the original 2x scoring or with a new one.

Clearly, this is more of a high-score attempt strategy, because I could drain just trying to get 2X scoring going.


Thats the way its done. 2x the whole CIU, then 2x the cashout.

CIU is possibly my favorite single ball mode ever and it’s fun exploring more efficient ways to play it out. The scoring may be skewed kind of high, but you can also work up to getting there and come out with barely anything. Great risk/reward balance.

During FWTBT, I like to pick up all the crosses and snakes first (~2M ea.) then start Fuel 2x for all the electric chair shots, making them ~8M each. Refresh the 2x once or twice as needed to make sure that I have it running for the last shot to double the 25M completion bonus. At that point it shuts off the double scoring and if I’m playing high risk I’ll try to relight it again for a big 250M+ collect.

During FTB and Battery I’ll try to run 2x during the whole mode like you were describing. FTB is all about this sequence - right orbit to pops, live catch the return, piston shot, back up the right orbit and repeat. Not as fun as FWTBT, but a very valuable repetitive strat.

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I agree with your math and logic. The biggest point / hurdle of execution in the New Strategy is that you must continually re-start your 2x scoring timer as you play the mode. Psychologically, this often adds an additional level of stress to many players when playing against a timer, so every player’s mileage will vary. (The overall CIU timer isn’t a stressor because the timer is generously long)

In the Traditional Strategy, you’re able to take advantage of your 2x scoring with one shot, so you’re not having to keep track of your 2x timer scoring status.

Can anyone accurately describe Enter Sandman? It always seems so random to me.

I’m with Cayle on this one. I try to keep 2x going as much as I can during the mode, then relight 2x again just before cashing out. Easier said than done.

Some inserts will be lit on some major shots (loops, ramps, and grave marker inline drops). Hit those shots to fill in the lights. Any switch other than a major shot changes what’s lit. Finish all inserts on a major shot for big points. Finish all shots for bigger points.

Sandman insert light switching is hard to deal with, but it’s very satisfying when you pick off all 3 at once.

Correct. Playing controlled is required to maximize your chances of getting the 3-for-1 and 2-for-1 shots. 3-for-1 shots with 2x scoring running nets some sweet points.