Metallica Coffin multiball- when does it end?

This has had me stumped for a while - what actually “ends” coffin multiball in the latest code besides getting down to single ball play? There’s something going on here that’s mystifying me. Pretty much every time I get there I start happily stacking in other multiballs and then at some point, maybe a minute or so later, the other multiballs are locked out and the coffin jackpots are gone.

Current theories:

-Balls drained, even if you’re not down to one ball
-Coffin jackpots exhausted
-One of the subsequent multiballs is locking out other multiballs

Anyone know what the actual rules are?

No ideas? Anyone that has one care to try it?

I haven’t noticed - what do you mean about “the other multiballs are locked out and the coffin jackpots are gone.” ?

Does this happen on every Met you play or just one?

I’m happy to try glass off, but hoping for a bit more guidance.

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I’ve noted this on two machines, it’s rather difficult to keep track of during four-ball multiball, but this is the typical scenario:

I start coffin multiball and start stacking in another after playing live for the duration of the ball saver. I generally go for gravemarker first as it’s relatively easy to set up with balls cradled on either flipper. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I go for snake or something instead.

After a bit of that, I’ll be down to two balls and still have snake/electric chair/gravemarker jackpots available. The coffin jackpots, however, are not available, and I can’t add any more multiballs. I was under the impression that you should be able to stack in more than one additional multiball and continue getting coffin jackpots as long as you have two or more balls live.

I guess what I’m really looking for is an overview of how coffin multiball actually works once you’ve started it.

You can only stack one other multiball into Coffin. While the stack is running, you can’t make progress toward any other multiballs.

I’ve never experienced Coffin ending while the accompanying multiball is still running. I’ve only seen Coffin end when resuming single ball play thereby ending both multiballs at the same time. As far as I know it doesn’t have any sort of timer or number of jackpots that you can finish to close it out.


Ahh- that makes a lot of sense, for whatever reason I was under the impression that you could continue adding multiballs a’la TWD bloodbath.

Also, you may have thought Coffin ended because the jackpots aren’t always as apparent as the other multiballs, especially while the stack is going. During coffin, you shoot the lit arrow, then the captive ball to collect. After x# of jackpots, the super jack will be lit at the captive ball. I can see how it would seem like you’re out of Coffin because the other multiballs have more recognizable display graphics taking the focus.

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Thanks for discussing this.
I think the current rules description say that multliballs cannot be stacked.
And then I discovered that you can start coffin first and then stack in electric chair.

let’s say you’re in coffin and you start snake…can you still progress towards electric chair but then not have the ability to start it? or do sparky shots not advance at that point…

While a Coffin stack is running you cannot make progress toward other multiballs.