Meltdown Pinball Podcast - Episode 2 - "SCP-1825 - The Wrecking Pinball"


Hello, pinballers! Welcome to the Meltdown!

Now that the Meltdown Pinball Podcast has reached episode two, here is a forum topic to post additional episodes as they are released.

Episode 2 - SCP-1825 - The Wrecking Pinball
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The roller-coaster ride, known as the Meltdown Pinball Podcast, takes a sudden left-hand turn right out of the gate!

If you have proper security clearance, you may learn about this mysterious object currently under careful containment.

What you are about to hear is confidential. Please only share with personnel who have high enough access privileges.

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What is a Meltdown?

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Meltdown Pinball Podcast – Episode One – Drunken Pinball Podcast #1
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Welcome to the show! Nikki DeLasagna (@kikasaurusrex) and myself (@funwithbonus) talk about The Allentown Pinfest Pinball Show and surrounding events.

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What is a Meltdown?

What’s this? Another pinball podcast?!

There really aren’t “too many pinball podcasts”. Everyone has their own perspective, and many of us in the pinball community are choosing to get those perspectives out there for others to hear.

Would we say this if there were a lot of pinball channels on YouTube for example? Of course we wouldn’t. People can obviously pick and choose the ones they subscribe to and enjoy. The same can be said for pinball podcasts. We offer you our perspectives and invite you to share yours with us.

As far as format goes, some like the long hours-long structured format while others enjoy the shorter-form, quick-fire podcasts. As long as you enjoy what you like, and let other individuals enjoy what they like, then it’s all good. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

This podcast will cover what we wish to cover, when we wish to cover it. We feel no pressure to keep up with the latest new-in-box pinball drama, although we may dabble in that at times. Certainly, tournament topics will be brought up since I am a prolific pinball tournament player, and Nikki is a pinball league player. Really, we are just two avid pinball players looking to have as much pinball fun as possible.

This is a collaboration with Nikki DeLasagna. Sometimes Nikki might do something on her own and release a show, sometimes I might do something on my own. We are not holding ourselves to a FORMAT™. Not every show will be like the first one here, and future shows may deviate wildly from the FORMAT™ you might think we are using. Shows do not have to be a set amount of time. There could be a 50 minute show like episode one, or there could be some 5 minute mini-episodes. Even compilations of separate topics into one show might happen.

I’ve been wanting to do the “Meltdown Pinball Podcast” for a long time. I’ve had topics saved up for a while including debates and other ideas. I haven’t had the means or the intestinal fortitude to start the show which I have been thinking about for … maybe years … until now.

What is a “meltdown” in pinball?

Since the website is named Fun With Bonus, I wanted the podcast to have a name that is related to pinball bonuses as well. A meltdown refers to the fun with bonus counting process on some pinball games. It’s where you can see the bonus lights on the playfield or the total bonus on the screen start from the amount indicated and quickly scroll down to zero. This happens while the game is counting points up, giving the player the bonus points they have earned and adding it to their total score.

Here is an example of a meltdown on Earthshaker that I played at the Morristown Game Vault in Morristown NJ.