Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997)

60 Second Tournament Strategy:

• Shoot the Castle moat to drop the draw bridge.
• Shoot the Castle gate to open Castle
• Shoot the Castle
• Score Big
• Repeat

Learned something interesting/useless on MM last night.

When you get Catapult Slam, hold a flipper button down, then when it cycles to the projectile you want press the other flipper button to fire. This gives you a little more control, plus you’re not flailing on both buttons like an idiot.

Or use the launch button instead of the flippers :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, hold both flippers buttons before it cycles if the first projectile is the one you want.


I try to get the first 2 castles to set up an establishing score, then start heading for other goals, especially Castle Multiball. During multiball it’s frequently worth more points to go for the Castle instead of the jackpots.


L ramp all day (preferably as ultra combos), don’t cash in the hurry up until >50M.

I get into Caatle MB as much as possible when playing on location.
If my R ramp to lock shot combos are on, BFTK is likely.

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Left ramp for hurry-up can be incredibly valuable. I’ve seen Elwin hit it for over 100 million, but there really isn’t much of a cap.

Why you all aren’t all playing for Barnyard Multiball is beyond me. :wink:



So my glass-catapult-all-barnyard strategy on a location game also got me to my favorite video mode. Sadly the right flipper button (which worked perfectly in every other way) wouldn’t move my farmer to the right. Since I could only move left I ended up stuck in the left corner and babies were eaten.

I imagine this will be a very low priority repair for the operator is there somewhere I could point the Op. to make this a quick and easy fix? I want to save the babies!

Likely the upper right flipper switch. No upper flipper, so normally no need for that switch. See if you can change the skill shot with the right flipper. Does it have a credit dot?

The remake almost needs different strategies. The flopped flippers make hitting the castle considerably harder. Especially when over 6.5 pitch. Lots more unwanted troll hits. The ramps and orbits are smooth as silk. It would be really cruel to have both an original and a remake in a tourney lineup. If someone does try this, put a swear jar between the games and you’ll clean up.

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It’s an original. And I thought the same thing, but, if I have a ball trapped on the right flipper I can still cycle the lanes w/ half flips.

Very true. I’ve now gotten used to playing MM and AFM remakes as different games with the same rules. Is it just me or does the MM remake have a different ball guide at the catapult? Flipper veriation aside I have a hell of a time hitting the catapult on remakes.