Meaningful Games Played (TGP)

I’m trying to submit my next season of leagues to the IFPA website and it’s asking me for TGP. If I go to the Tournament Grading Percentage (TGP) section of the IFPA website, I find this line:

A guide to help determine the meaningful games played metric is available HERE.

When I click HERE, I get page cannot be found.

Can someone help me with the calculation? We play 4 games each night for 8 weeks. We have 27 players this season if that matters.

Is it just 4 games x 8 weeks = 32 meaningful games played?

How many players each game?

They are 4 player groups, unless we have an odd number and then we’ll have 3.

Do you play a finals or are you just submitting the results at the end of the season?

Then you get 2 TGP for each game played. Then if you have a finals and cut at least 50% but take at least 10%, you will get additional TGP for the finals games played.

We do have a finals, but we use the finals for distribution of the prize fund only. IFPA results are submitted based on standings at the end of the 8 weeks of regular play. So it sounds like TGP would be 64 then?

There is a TGP calculator at
Your IFPA link is probably correct but the IFPA is offline at this moment. Not sure why.

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TGP is just a percentage of the total value the tournament is worth, based on how many games are played (expected games played by the winner?). 25 games equal 100%, meaning once you’re over 25 games played you stop worrying about the games and start worry about the players (as they will increase the WPPR’s).


For reference, this is the updated correct page for which you were searching:

With your format it is definitely 100% TGP. You were actually at 100% after week 4.

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It sounds to me like the comp doesn’t meet the criteria of head-to-head play if the games are played as a league, just in groups of 3 or 4, and so TGP is irrelevant as it can’t be submitted as an IFPA comp.
If each game played is actually scored 4,2,1,0 (or whatever) based on positions of each player then that would suffice and each 4 player game would count as 2 ‘meaningful’ games, each 3 player game would count as 1.5 ‘meaningful’ games.

I’d like to hear from @pinwizj. I don’t see how this isn’t a valid comp at 100% TGP. Just like a timed match play event that went 8 rounds at 4 games each.

Wayne’s comments are spot on:

“We play 4 games each night for 8 weeks.We have 27 players this season if that matters.”

That doesn’t tell the whole story of the actual format. I can tell you that IFPA Pin-Masters is played in “groups of 4” . . . however the scores of the players are compared against the entire field of players, so that doesn’t trigger the direct play requirement.

The question for @Spyderturbo007 is whether the scores of those 4 games for the night were compared within just that group of 4 that was playing (Pinburgh style), or if those scores were compared against everyone in the field for that night.

Match Play = This is fine
Best Game but played in groups of 4 = Not fine

Okay I see what you’re saying. But in either case he gets 100% TGP right? They played 32 games.

Or is that one of the best game format rules. Have to have a direct component at some point.

In either case he gets 100% TGP, however if it’s the “Best Game” style format played in groups of 4 he would have to run a direct play finals in order for us to sanction the tournament at all.

Otherwise . . .