Match Play Events Open Thread


For selfie leagues we’d run PAPA Finals Format and invite 16 participants but always have some odd number show up.


1-4 players: Play 3-4 games
5-8 players: Play an 8-person PAPA bracket
9-12 players: Play a 12-person PAPA bracket with 4 byes)
13-16 players: Player a 16-person PAPA bracket


We don’t do byes, ill just do pen and paper like I have been. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Is it possible to enable photo uploads for Scorekeepers & TD with selfie/best game tournaments?
Scorekeeper interface currently shows no photo upload option for score entry.


It’s not (yet) :frowning:
Go vote here if you haven’t:


Also I am receiving the following error when attempting to update players without IFPA ID in the Players tab of app view.

“You already have another player with that IFPA number.”

There are no players registered for the tournament with the IFPA number.

I have reproduced this with 2 other tournaments and also a test tournament with the players that produce the error.

Is there a way to force IFPA on the player?
Or do I need to open tickets to fix the player profiles?


Players are re-used between tournaments. You have a player from a past tournament using the same IFPA number.

You can avoid this situation by adding players from the “Your players” tab (after you click the button to open the dialog) or by adding players using their IFPA ID on the “Enter IFPA” tab.

I assume you have duplicate players at this point. To clean that up you can merge them together. Read more here:


I don’t have any duplicate players in this case as this is a self-registration tournament via the " [Register for tournament…" link on the tournament info/landing page.

I’m not sure how the duplication happened, but I have merged what I was able to.

I am now currently unable to merge 1 player properly as the resulting player is getting stripped of IFPA no matter what order I pick for merging.

I stripped IFPA off that player’s duplicate, and put the IFPA ID into that player’s other player.


Self-registration is unfortunately prone to duplicate players. If you have an existing player in your collection with an IFPA number attached and that same person self-registers for your tournament, but does not have an IFPA number attached to their user account, you can end up with duplicate players.