Match Play Events Open Thread


This is great - it’ll be a huge help with critical hit tournaments where the groups and games are expected to change after they are assigned but before play should start. As much as I told people not to start until they got the all clear, they often start early on the wrong game because matches are published and they see them on their phone.


I am not sure this is a problem best solved with technology. Group pressure might work better…


The person who will be moving off the game and onto the bottom of the queue has no incentive to delay. How is that player being convinced that entering results should be delayed? If you don’t have both players walking up to enter results together you absolutely should.


Good point. We will most certainly be doing this. I hope that is all that is needed.


Great news! Just makes sense to me to have that option. Let’s me check everything over and make sure nothing got messed up and also let’s me do thing like have a round ready to go before a break or print out scoresheets of a round before everyone gets blasted and starts taking off to games. I tend to enjoy bringing everyone together between rounds. Make announcements of anything happening and then announce the groups for anyone who doesn’t have access to a smart phone or something.


The IFPA results ‘tab’ should exclude those players who don’t meet the 50% minimum for number of games played.

If that’s impractical, perhaps flagging them with an asterisk or some other special character would be helpful.


I don’t disagree. I’ve been holding off making any changes in hopes that IFPA would allow Match Play to submit results directly (making that page obsolete). Same for calendar submissions – would love to be able to submit to the IFPA calendar directly from Match Play.


If you do allow this, please keep reporting the results the way you do now as an alternative.

We regularly have guest players that don’t pay the ifpa fee, or finals outside of matchplay that impact the standings.


Maybe a dumb question, but why do the results show up slightly different on Match Play Live

the tournament I ran yesterday the final stands on Match Play Live run:

When I go to IFPA Results I see this:

The players that finished 8th on MPL come up as finished 9th on the IFPA Results tab. 12th come up as 14th and that continues to 25th. Is this something that normally happens for some reason?


Someone else will chime in with full details, but that is how the IFPA wants to see it.


4 people take up spots 8,9,10,11

The sum of those spots is 38. 38 divided by 4 (number of people tied). Their finishing position is 9.5, or 9


I was told there would be no math.

Thanks, that makes sense. I wasn’t sure if I was having a stroke.


I’m hoping someone can help me with my use of this software. I’m currently using the software to run the regular part of my tournaments, but can’t seem to get the “Create Playoffs” set up correctly, so I’ve been doing it by hand.

Tournament Setup:

Format: Group Match Play
Seeding: Random
General Pairing: Swiss
Player Order: Balanced
Scoring System: IFPA
Arena Draws: Balanced
Duration: No Limit
Matches per Round: 1
Tiebreaker: Standard

We start at 4pm and I end qualifying around 8pm to start finals. The finals format we use is as follows:

There are typically two divisions (A & B) with the top 4 players in A and then next 4 players in B. It’s a Head-to-Head, best of 3, two round playoff.

For example:

First Round:

Match 1 - Player 1 vs. Player 4 (Best of 3)
Match 2 - Player 2 vs. Player 3 (Best of 3)

Second Round:

Winner from Round 1 Match 1 vs. Winner from Round 1 Match 2 (Best of 3)
Loser from Round 1 Match 1 vs. Loser from Round 1 Match 2 (Best of 3)

I’m sure there is an easier way to explain that, but I’m still new at running things other than Knockouts. :slight_smile:

Is there way for me to do this with the software?


Setup the finals as a “single elimination bracket”. There is no 4-player bracket option so you should pick the 8-player bracket option but only add four players to your tournament. Everyone will get a bye game but it won’t affect your tournament.


We do a A & B finals with 4 players each. Would I need to create two separate playoffs?

I tried a test tournament and only assigned 4 players, but I’m getting an error when trying to start the tournament. “You need at least 6 and no more than 8 players to start this tournament”.


Yes. You can use the “create playoffs” button for the A finals, but you have to create the B finals manually.

Are you sure you picked “single elimination bracket” for your tournament? Sounds like you picked “group elimination bracket”




Can you send me a link to the tournament at ?


Well that’s really weird. I logged in today to get you the link and the tournament said “Group Elimination” as the format. I changed it to “Single Elimination” and it’s fine now. Not sure how that happened given the screenshot above, but it works now.

How do I get it to allow for best of 3 in each round. For example, we play best of 3 for the semi finals and then another best of 3 for our finals. Using that option seems to only allow for playing 1 game for semifinals and one game for finals.

Thanks for all your help. I can’t wait to use this on Saturday and throw the paper in the trash!


MP doesn’t handle the best-of-x in the software. Player have to keep track of the individual results in some other way (with best-of-3 you can commit it to memory easily). Only when the eventual winner is determined do you enter that result into MP